Penn Relays 2014 featuring Uristocrat, DJ R ‘toda” Izza and Kev Storey

cialis online india postepay cordially invites you to Ms Tootsies for Uristocrat Relays. For 8 years, we have provided the most exemplary events to celebrate Penn Relays, Spring Fling, UPenn x Temple Homecoming and Philly Greek Weekend.  For the celebration of Penn Relays, we bring you Uristocrat Relays feat. Kev Storey, Uristocrat and Philadelphia’s greatest audio connoisseur, DJ R “ToDA” IZZA
feat. Exclusive access to VIP with Table reservations
@ Ms Tootsies
@ 1312 South St,
Philadelphia, PA 19147
w. Your Most Splendid Sartorial Execution requested.

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This is for the Urban Aristocrats, those who want the unparalleled experience of celebrating with the original Flap Stars. This for the sartorially inclined, the high achievers, the self motivated, the go getters, the ones who want an experience like no other.

PS: as always, there is no literal dress code; however, your most splendid sartorial execution is required. We reserve to the right to make judgment calls based on style and execution