Pigalle x Nike 2014 Collection Preview

We passed the news that Pigalle would be collaborating with Nike on a new collection and now there is a preview of the collection here.  The collection is a very basketball-inspired capsule including  apparel, equipment and footwear, as well as two pairs of Air Force 1 silhouettes, one High and one Low, both of which appear to be tastefully worn down from extensive outdoor play.

Pigalle’s Creative Director Stephane Ashpool sat down with DAZED Digital to talk about his love for the game of basketball, working with Nike in the past and how their latest endeavor came about. After checking out the full interview here.

How did you got into basketball?

Basketball entered in my life when I was five years old, at primary school. There was just one basket, with a soccer game happening underneath it. I just took a ball and ran with it, and played for about 10 years for the Paris team, at the highest level. Though I didn’t want to join the NBA since I was 16, and I decided to concentrate on the studio since my early 20s, I still play all the time, every Saturdays and Sunday.

Basketball is a very stylish sport.

It is the most stylish sport, because it was always mixed up with the whole hip-hop culture. It’s a game that you play quite fast, you have momentum, your body’s quite open and you jump and run. Mixing this with the clothes and the music together, it gives something very interesting, definitely.

What can you tell me about community cohesion and multiculturalism?

Stéphane: Basketball is a free sport and sport is free in general. As soon as you have a ball you can play with us, you are in control and your skin colour doesn’t matter, and all those clichés. But those clichés are quite true actually when it come to sport. I was living quite a street type of life, but at the same time I had my parents who were artists and living surrounded by these amazing crazy stylish gay people so I am born into this different melting pot of ethnicity and culture: it’s really something I live for! I just answered that in rather a large way, but then again, I can speak about basketball in a large way.