Watch the Official Trailer for ‘Sex Tape’ starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel

There is a new movie coming from the duo of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal following the success of their last comedy Bad Teacher. The movie finds director Jake Kasdan once again pairing the two for the movie Sex Tape  and features  the once-adventurous married couple tries to spice up their dull romantic life by filming their lovemaking — on the pull-out sofa in their family room. However, naturally, before they can delete the video from their iPad, the heated three-hour session gets uploaded to the Cloud.

“Nobody understands the Cloud,” shouts a frustrated Segel. “It’s a f—ing mystery!”

The video then gets sent to all of their friends and family digitally, prompting a search to erase its existence, after they decide to give all their friends and family iPads for Christmas. Today may be April Fools but look for the film to actually hit cinemas July 25