Kobe Bryant takes Basketball to Rio during the World Cup

On Sunday June 15, Kobe Bryant took to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil to celebrate basketball during the Fifa World Cup.  Kobe was joined by NBA Stars Steve Nash, as well as Brazilian natives Leandro Barbosa and Anderson Verajao at  the Olympic Park Openwork Rio to rescue the block. This is the first of eight blocks that are being rescued by the brand to get ready. In a month, on July 15,  the other seven, four football, two tennis and one more basketball will be opened.

“That can definitely be considered the decade of sport in Brazil and the Brazilians, so it’s a great pleasure to participate in a project that aims to democratize the sport,” said Kobe.

The initiative is part of the sporting legacy that Nike intends to leave the country. required dose of cialis , Kobe, who is fanatical about football, was at online cash advance companies .Alongside teammate Steve Nash, Leandro Barbosa and Brazilian Anderson Varejao and the American player celebrated warfarin viagra reaction and even ventured to the ball at his feet. Before a presence in the House, Bryant visited the payday loans golden colorado in the heart of Copacabana.

Source: Nike Inc