That wack & brutal winter is behind us! Since we grown we don’t really have a real summer break! But that doesn’t mean we can’t party like we did. Better believe we are!!!! 

E.Z. Mo Breezy is back with the throwback party of the summer! We’ll be dancing, singing, and sweating to the music we grew up with; taking you to those summer break days!!! We even have a slow jam set just in case you want get close. 🙂

cialis cardiac will be spinning the soundtrack to the times of Doc Martins, Slap bracelets, OJ’s white bronco, In Living Color, A Different World, Hammer Pants, Spandex, ending your sentences with “not”, fruit roll-ups, science projects, and cd walkmans.

Who: You lovers of old school!
What: dui lawyer harrisburg pa
When: Saturday, June 21st – 10pm-4am
Where: viagra us overnight mastercard accepted
Why: To be a kid again!

Grab Tickets HERE