Should Swaggy P Get an L.A. Kings Championship Ring?

On Friday, June 13, the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup by beating the New York Rangers in a five game series. After the game, Nick Young aka Swaggy P got on Twitter and sent the following message to the Kings:

Translation: Can I get a Championship ring because when I got on the Zamboni, you guys never looked back. When Swaggy P rode the Zamboni at the Staples Center, the Kings were down 2-0 to the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference Quarterfinals. The Kings would lose the game that night but they ended going on a run afterwards winning four straight games to advance to the next round.

What do you guys think? It doesnt look like Swaggy P will be winning any rings from the Lakers anytime soon so one from the Kings will have to do.