Kanye West Announces adidas Yeezy 3 is Releasing November 2014

Kanye West has had a pretty busy week. Last weekend, he performed at Made in America in Philadelphia and Los Angeles then  went on tour. He was in Perth, Australia for a tour stop where he told the crowd during one of his famous monologues that his adidas shoe will be releasing in November. Furthermore he went ahead called it the Yeezy 3 and also mentioned that it will be fairly widely available, so that as many of his fans as possible will have a chance to try them on or purchase a pair.

 Recall that in the past, West announced the collaboration would be out June 2014 which was soon after said to be delayed until 2015, so who knows how much weight this recent development holds. Head to 2:34 in the video below to hear him speak about the project and stay tuned for more as the story develops.

We have no idea what Kanye’s actual shoes will look like but see Simeon Georgiev’s interpolation.