Highsnobiety Op-ed: Have Artists Like Radiohead & Beyoncé Changed Music Marketing?

Highsnobiety today takes a close look at the music industry and if there is a sea change occurring with artists like Beyoncé and Radiohead leading the charge.

With more and more artists abandoning all forms of marketing and deciding to drop their albums unannounced, we decided to explore the risks and the gains for all those who have taken the plunge.


Nowadays, the phrase “chapter 13 bankruptcy auto loans” has become synonymous with the act of releasing an album via an unexpected or unconventional strategy. As the standard model of releasing a record begins to show its age and major labels become less and less profitable, recording artists are looking for ways to bring their work to market entirely by themselves. This often means no announcements, no teasers, no trailers – no marketing campaign whatsoever.

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