JMSN – Street Sweeper (Video)

JMSN’s “Street Sweeper” is now officially available in video form. The visual for “Street Sweeper” is an intentionally minimal affair, with the Michigan polymath setting out to “keep it simple” as to not take away from the actual song. He labels it more of a “performance video,” and allows the entire visual to unfold like an impressives live showcase would. In a statement about the video, JMSN says the following regarding his new video:

“This video is bare and raw, for the same reason the vocals and instruments are dry and raw. Life is raw. Life is unkind. Life is not black and white. The quicker we strip away the bullsh*t. The quicker we can live now. The focus should never be taken away from that. If it is, then you’re missing the whole point of the song. We need to engage in the story. Therefore, engage in each other and constantly keep learning about one another.”