1-2-1 w/ jeffstaple featuring Naturel

The interesting story of burgeoning graphic artist Naturel finally gets a true narrative in the form of an interview with streetwear authority jeffstaple. The two sat down to chat for the latest edition of 1-2-1 w/ jeffstaple, finding the fine artist finally speaking frankly on his symbolism-heavy illustrations. A charmingly rebellious entrant into the competitive (and often stuffy) realm of fine art, Naturel makes street-conscious assertions on Neo-Cubist styles, inserting references to contemporary sport, fashion, and music into every series. An important figure already early into his career, this conversation is not to be missed. Catch up with Naturel in the conversation above, and head here to peruse the artist’s catalogue.

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via http://uristocrat.com/2012/12/grizzly-bears-ed-droste-upset-about-grammys-justin-vernon-reminds-him-grammys-are-bullshit/