Rick Ross Introduces RossFit on Funny or Die


Have you ever wondered how Rick Ross shed all of those pounds? Well, the boss took a moment to share his strict exercise routine with the parody website Funny or Die. Dubbed a “Fitness Guru,” Rozay walks viewers through a hilarious list of workouts that perfectly fits his lifestyle.

Like most training, you’ll need to rack up on some gear before you get started. Among the list of items to cop is a thick chain so you can flex your neck muscles and at least 20 blunts to work out those face muscles. And it doesn’t end there.

This hilarious parody comes after Rick Ross shared his real workout routine with cialis em portugal earlier this year. In the interview, he spoke about doing cross fitness and his new love of pears.

The tips Ross shares with Funny or Die are sure to give you a good laugh.

Photo Credit: Funny or Die

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