The 411 on Laser Hair Removal for Multicultural Skin

Photo: Ian Rubin/Trunk Archive I’ve had an issue with unwanted facial hair since my 20’s. It started as one wild hair on my chin that seems to have invited more than a few friends to join in the fun, turning my daily beauty regimen into a crazed ritual of plucking and alternative hair removal solutions that have gone on for years—without actually solving anything. Deep down I knew it was time to consider laser hair removal, but as a woman of color, I’ve heard the concerns around the laser mistaking melanin for a hair follicle, resulting in burns and scarring. “Everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal,” says Dr. Carlos A. Charles, MD, board-certified dermatologist and owner of Derma di Colore, a dermatology practice specializing in the care of multicultural skin.

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