“Rone, A Portrait” Documentary

Active in the international graffiti scene since 2001, Melbourne-born street artist and muralist Rone has built up a global following for his portraits of beautiful muses done in his haunting black-and-white trademark aesthetic, seen anywhere from New York, Paris, Tokyo and London to Christchurch, Santo Domingo and Port Villa. In this documentary by Robot Army, Rone talks about everything from his initial perceptions of doing graffiti for a living, the legitimization of the art form, and his own personal journey to where he is today, doing what he loves for a living. Filmed to coincide with a blockbuster year for Rone, who was picked to do massive mural installations as featured in Jean Paul Gaultier’s retrospective at the National Gallery of Victoria, among other sell-out shows in Melbourne and the U.K., watch the short film above as we see Rone paint the largest mural in the Southern Hemisphere in Melbourne.

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