Watch Spike Lee’s “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” Trailer [VIDEO]


This past summer Spike Lee set out to raise $1.25 million for his latest endeavor via Kickstarter. 26 days later, the campaign had exceeded its goal and raised $1.32 million for a film project that, at the time, was simply known as "The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint." The acclaimed director has since revealed the name of the project to be Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, and today we get the first trailer for the mysterious indie film.

The official trailer for the newest Spike Lee Joint has a healthy blend of drama, action, romance and mystery. The film stars Tyrone Williams as "Dr. Hess Green," and British actress Zaraah Abrahams as "Ganja Hightower." You might get a bit of a Talented Mr. Ripley vibe from watching the trailer, as it’s clear that Dr. Green is entering into a "pinkies up" society that is not his own. The story however, is actually about the affects of a mysteriously cursed artifact that causes those who come into contact with it to have a blood lust. Amongst the murder and mystery, Ganja and Dr. Hess engage in a dangerous romance that explores the traditional ideas of love, sex, addiction, and social standing in our complex society.

Watch the trailer for Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, which hits theaters February 15, 2015.

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