Beastie Boys’ Unreleased “Too Many Rappers” Video Featuring Nas Surfaces

Beastie Boys' Unreleased "Too Many Rappers" Video Featuring Nas Surfaces

The last Beastie Boys album, 2011’s Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, featured a collaboration with Nas called "Too Many Rappers". Now, an unreleased video for the song has surfaced on the website of film editor Neal Usatin, as discovered by a fan on the Beastie Boys’ message board. (Thanks to Dr. William Brown for the tip.) It was directed by Roman Coppola, and features MCA, Ad-Rock, Mike D and Nas having what seems to be a great time. (Wouldn’t you want to mean mug your way through a grocery store, the Beasties and Nas at your side?) Check it out below.

via Latest News – Pitchfork