Hannibal Buress Parodies Funk Flex’s Jay Z Rant

Hannibal Buress Parodies Funk Flex's Jay Z Rant

Photo by Constance Kostrevski

This weekend, does generic cialis office took to the airwaves to can you take viagra at night detailing his beef with Jay Z. Flex said that Jay Z stole his app ideas and prohibited him from playing Dipset records at Jay’s 40/40 club. (Cam’ron and Jim Jones also responded in a http://uristocrat.com/tag/nike-air-max-hometurf/.) Most importantly, Flex interrupted his own monologue multiple times with the sound of a bomb dropping. Enter comedian Hannibal Buress, who came in today with the above point-perfect parody.

Using a lot of sound effects (farts, flushing toilets, a Street Fighter 2 "Hadouken!", the "that’s a lot of nuts!" line from Kung Pow), Buress talks about getting an email from his cousin Percy telling him to check out the rant. Then, he makes some key observations: 

  • "Who the fuck is stealin’ app shit from Funkmaster Flex?"
  • "Why’s he rantin’ about apps?"
  • "Why’s he using so many sound effects? He needs to mix up the sound effects a little bit."
  • "This dude is 47 years old, 47, and he’s just pressin’ the bomb sound effect over and over. Use your words, man!"

It’s great. Here’s Flex’s original rant:

Read our "Situation Critical" with Buress, and watch him on Pitchfork.tv: 

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