Judd Apatow’s 25-Year-Old ‘Simpsons’ Episode Will Finally See the Light of Day

The news: It may have taken 25 years, but one of comedy’s greatest minds is finally making a contribution to one of TV’s best and longest-running comedies. According to an interview with TV Guide, this month Fox will air an episode of The Simpsons that a then-22-year-old Judd Apatow wrote when the now-hit cartoon comedy was just starting out. 

The episode, which will air Jan. 11 and is titled "Bart’s New Friend," tells the story of when Homer gets hypnotized into thinking he’s 10 years old and has "such a great time being Bart’s friend that he doesn’t want to become an adult again," Apatow told TV Guide. The spec script was one of Apatow’s first attempts to break unto the industry.

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