LRG Presents: ‘1947’ A Skateboarding Film

Together with Thrasher Magazine, LRG is set to release 1947, the brand’s second full-length skateboarding video. Featuring the likes of Tom Asta and Miles Silvas, the film includes a compilation of raw footage highlighting skate culture. The name of the film honors the late LRG co-founder Jonas Bevacqua and his family as Jonas frequently incorporated "47" and "1947" into his brand as a tribute to his mother, Helen. He was very vocal about the importance of his family and attributed the label’s success to their unconditional support. Since the brand’s inception, 1947 has come to be a symbol of Jonas’ family’s love as well as the dedication to something greater than one’s self. LRG is proud to still be a family-run operation today and the film stands as an accolade to the people behind its scenes. Check out the trailer to 1947 above and be on the lookout for its official release.

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