Wale “The White Shoes” Music Video

Wale has dropped the visuals to accompany his latest single "The White Shoes." Over the course of the video, viewers are taken back to earlier times when the D.C native worked at his local DTLR. However, he is not the subject of the video — "The White Shoes’" somber melody and enlightening message is represented by a young protagonist, who is able to save enough money by lending a hand at a barber shop to purchase a new pair of Air Jordan 11 sneakers, only to tragically have his prized possession, and perceived elevated social status stripped by his jealous peers. Through what transpires, Wale effectively calls for reflection, and subsequent acknowledgement of the senselessness of violent actions in order to illegitimately attain sneakers, which are mere factory products and not a true representative of self-worth. Wale’s fourth studio LP The Album About Nothing is now available for purchase from iTunes.

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