Former Nike Employee Kyle Yamaguchi Sentenced in Alleged $800,000 USD Stolen Sneaker Plot

Once again, Nike finds itself at the focal point of yet another legal or rather illegal debate. This time, involving former Nike promotional product manager Kyle Yamaguchi and his accomplice Tung Wing Ho who took over the aforementioned position in 2012 following his resignation. Yamaguchi stood before a federal judge in Nike’s hometown of Portland on Wednesday and presented a binder full of evidence proving his own guilt and that of fellow conspirators Jason Keating and Tung Wing Ho – considered both admirable and very uncommon for a felon facing a potentially large sentence.
The collection of evidence included spreadsheets and emails documenting a large number of illegal transactions in a plot that involved over 600 stolen shoes and helped Yamaguchi pocket around $200,000 USD, whilst Ho saw alleged profits of roughly $600,000 USD. Whilst Tung Wing Ho and Jason Keating have pleaded not guilty to the charge, their individual trials have been scheduled for April 21. With such strong evidence given against their involvement in the conspiracy to transport, receive and sell stolen goods, both men could be issued with a five year jail sentence. Following Yamaguchi’s cooperation, the judge sentenced him to five years probation and 50 hours of voluntary community service. Head on over to The Oregonian to read their detailed account of events that occurred in the courtroom on Wednesday.

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