Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq” Will Kick Off Amazon’s Film Slate


With Netflix dominating the streaming realm of original features, Amazon Studios has taken its first official step with Spike Lee’s new film Chi-Raq. Lee’s modern retelling of Aristophanes’ Greek play Lysistrata has been a part of Amazon’s impending rollout for awhile now, but today, the company formally announced Chi-Raq as well as providing some much-needed information on Lee’s latest venture.

As most are already aware, the film’s title draws comparisons between Chicago’s violent climate and war-torn Iraq. Teyonah Parris takes the lead as a woman who protests the rising black-on-black gun violence by going on a sex strike. Lee penned the script with Kevin Willmott, which has been described as Shakespeare-esque with a very "lyrical" style. Chi-Raq’s expanding cast includes Nick Cannon, Common, John Cusack, Wesley Snipes, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett, Jeremy Piven, and Dave Chappelle.

"We couldn’t have come up with a better film to launch our division in every which way. Chi-Raq makes no apologies and dares to shock,” Amazon’s chief of movie production, Ted Hope, said in a http://uristocrat.com/category/uristocrat/page/29/. “Spike Lee is one of the most distinct and visionary filmmakers of our time.”

Amazon’s current plan is to release the film to theaters in December for a qualifying run, before officially opening after the New Year. As it will be for all of Amazon’s films, Chi-Raq will be available for Amazon Prime subscribers shortly after its theatrical release.

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Photo Credit: chicagotribune.com

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