A.P.C. 2015 Fall/Winter Quilt Collection

The original inspiration for A.P.C.’s range of quilts came from those that designer and founder Jean Touitou’s mother, Odette Touitou, used to make back in the late 1970s — crafted from surplus scrap fabric Jean acquired during a stint at KENZO. Now Touitou’s range of quilts returns for the Fall/Winter 2015 season. Once again designed by longtime collaborator Jessica Ogden, the new release pulls surplus fabric from A.P.C.’s extensive archives to create a trio of full-sized quilts, three baby quilts and a trio of throw pillows. Assembled and stitched by hand in the Bangalore region of India, the designs include patchworks of linen and cotton and incorporate everything from stripes, plaids, and diamond patterns to hues of blue, green, gold, red and brown.
Ranging in price from $105 to $955 USD with some designs limited to fewer than 30 pieces, A.P.C.’s Fall/Winter 2015 quilts are available now from the French label’s web store.

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