Anthony Bourdain Checks Out Bob Kramer’s Melted Meteorite Knives

Having already met up with legendary "boxing tailor" Frank Shattuck and saxophone designer Steve Goodson, Anthony Bourdain recently made his way to Olympia, Washington alongside Balvenie for the latest installment of their ongoing Raw Craft series. Here, the always entertaining celebrity chef and Parts Unknown host met up with none other than master bladesmith Bob Kramer. One of only 122 certified master bladesmiths in the United States, Kramer has long been known as the one and only bladesmith who specializes in forging fine kitchen knives. But Kramer’s knives aren’t like just any old kitchen blade — his eschew more prototypical materials like stainless steel in favor of melted meteorite. As Bourdain explains, Kramer’s knives are as desired for their beauty as they are for their unparalleled sharpness and strength.