Emilia Clarke Is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2015

Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, has become one of the most recognizable faces on TV thanks to her longstanding role in Game of Thrones, inspiring in equal parts awe and admiration in women, and lustful yearning in men all over the world. For this, she has been named Esquire magazine’s "Sexiest Woman Alive" for 2015 and can be found lounging in her birthday suit across the cover of its November issue. Within the magazine, Clarke gives an interview on her family background, childhood and rise to fame, revealing her down-to-earth personality despite blowing up on the entertainment scene and everywhere else in the past few years. Read an excerpt below and find an extended preview of the interview online here.
There’s a kind of change of tone or pace that Emilia Clarke’s very good at. She uses it in her acting, too, and can go from sentimental or angry to comic at the drop of a hat. It all shows up in her face if she wants it to—she’s got great mobility of expression. Accents play a part in these shifts. Her own accent is a nicely plainspoken kind of "well-brought-up," but she dips into others, northern English or American for jokes or to make a point. She can do Wolverhampton, too, even though her father doesn’t speak it anymore—he sounds like her, she says.
She manages to bring together a number of opposites, to make them natural: sweetness and toughness, emotionalism with a kind of cold-blooded determination. Something in these contrasts explains her sex appeal, too. She can play queen and kid sister, dominatrix and pal.

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