Action Bronson Goes Truffle Tasting in NYC with Truffle Hustler Mike Rojas

New York City’s own Action Bronson is back with Munchies for FTD, better known as F**k, That’s Delicious. In this latest installment, the crafty and comical lyricist adventures through NYC’s most credible restaurants alongside high school friend and truffle hustler, Mike Rojas. Throughout their hunt for black and white truffles, the two visit locations such as Urbani Truffles in Midtown Manhattan, Babbo Ristorante near NYU and Vaucluse which is located in the Upper East Side of NYC. Additionally, each stop becomes more of a tasting experience but also a learning moment as chefs shed light on what to look for while shopping for truffles and sharing their methods of preparation. Check out the video above for Action Bronson’s latest food thrill.
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