Future Launches His Own Emoji Pack

Celebrity emojis seem to be the biggest trend right now, with Kim Kardashian leading the way along with Fetty Wap and Ghostface Killah. Well, Future is getting in on the fun by pairing up with the Moji Keyboard app to bring you his own string of emoticons. Included in the pack are (of course) an emoji of Future dabbing, DJ Khaled, and a graphic representation of his "thumb in her butt" lyric from "Stick Talk." We’re sure you’ll find uses for all of these. The Moji Keyboard app is free, but you’ll have to pay up a dollar for the Future emojis. Learn more here.
Download the App NOW! https://t.co/owqh03NaA6 http://pic.twitter.com/5OGnNKwvlZ
— FUTURE/FREEBANDZ (@1future) February 24, 2016


via http://uristocrat.com/2012/11/kicks-on-court-college-season-begins/