Re-live Iverson’s Rookie Year with the Reebok Question

Allen Iverson fans have a reason to rejoice with the return of his debut signature shoe with Reebok. Making its way back to shelves in its highly popular White/Red colorway along with a "Prototype" model seen previously, many Allen Iverson followers will remember "The Answer" for his introduction of hip-hop culture into the NBA alongside his fearless play on the hardwood. Nonetheless, this returning colorway also saw toe-to-toe battles with MJ as well as an unforgettable NBA Rookie Class back in 1996. With 2016 still in its early stages, it’s safe to assume that Reebok has some more tricks up its sleeve following this release. You can expect the White/Red colorway of the Reebok Question to release on February 12 for $140 USD. In the meantime, re-live the shoe’s epic moment below.

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