Barack Obama’s Epic Final White House Correspondents’ Dinner Speech

While Barack Obama still has a few months before he departs the Oval Office, the President recently ended his eighth and final White House Correspondents Dinner with a hilarious speech. As it seems, Obama’s not going quietly. The annual dinner brought together Hollywood stars, sports figures, business leaders and law officials, and with Obama at the helm, the light hearted event came across more as a media roast than a formal administrative dinner. Without holding back, the President fired away raucously at Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump and the Republican Party, while also taking time to acknowledge how he’s aged in the last eight years in office.
"It’s a good thing for Washington to take itself down a peg for a night," said chief White House speechwriter Cody Keenan to the CNN, whose role was to oversee the three-week-long process of putting the speech together. "There’s nobody in America who would say ‘hey, these politicians are poking fun at each other too much.’ Because there’s so much to make fun of!" Clocking out to a solid half hour, the President had his audience in stitches before a final mic drop with his final words "Obama Out."

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