A Review of Ortho Molecular Products Prostatrol Forte

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Prostatrol Forte contains saw palmetto extract, nettles root extract and pygeum bark extract to support instant decision low rate loans in multiple ways. This product’s combination in a single formula creates a synergistic effect in the words on the product vendor.



Ingredients In Ortho Molecular Products Prostatrol Forte

  • Zinc – 8 mg,
  • can i take too much cialis – 50 mcg,
  • Copper – 500 mcg,
  • Saw Palmetto – 300 mg,
  • Nettles Root Extract – 120 mg,
  • market of viagra Bark Extract – 50 mg
  • Natural vegetable capsules – no specific amount provided in the product source for this ingredient.


No dosage information was provided in the product source.  Each product container contains 60 capsules or 60 servings. The product is only sold to and dispensed by doctors.



Available for $39.90

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