FitPlan on Superset Secrets that Shock the Body for Huge Gains – Fast!

prostate cialis lower urinary tract symptoms has a great post on Supersets and why they are so effective. Do you know the secret behind the superset?

Hang around the weight rack long enough and you’ll hear talk about these calorie-shredding workouts that create huge muscle gains in half-time.

What is a superset?

It’s performing two exercises in a row with little to no rest between. For example, doing a set of curls followed by a set of tricep extensions. Or squats followed by leg extensions.

There are many ways to perform a superset. Many ways exist to hack your workouts to save time and create more muscle – fast!

Step into the gym with us as we explore the differences between superset techniques, which types of supersets are right for you and how to incur huge gains – while keeping a balanced, healthy physique.

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