Protein Water available now from Optimum Nutrition

Images have come in of an all new supplement from the Gold Standard brand Optimum Nutrition, officially titled Protein Water. The product is an RTD formula which just as its name suggests, is whey protein isolate infused water. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a look at the back of Protein Water, although like most supplements there are a few highlights on the front of the upcoming Optimum creation confirming a few important details.

The numbers we know of so far for Protein Water are 20g of protein, with zero fat, sugar and lactose. Due to the majority of those being zero there is actually very little left to be revealed for the product, with carbohydrates and calories being two of the bigger unknown macros. Moving on to its menu, Protein Water is due to be available in at least three flavors, Orange Freeze, Icy Blue Raspberry and Tropical Fruit Punch.

Since we’ve only got the preview images of Protein Water to go off, we are without the important detail of when the supplement will actually be released. Until more information becomes available we’ll just have to assume it’s coming soon, although when it does finally arrive it will in fact be Optimum’s first entirely new product since Gold Standard Pre-Workout.

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