Is Frank Ocean About to Release ‘Boys Don’t Cry?’

Just a few minutes ago, what appears to be a live stream appeared on viagra vs cialis pictures (although you’ll need to be on the latest version of Safari for it to load).

The site’s header currently shows a black and white workshop featuring an Apple Music stamp. Below the visuals, a sub header reading “Endless” sits beside the site’s navigation. Although the site only seems to be emitting white noise as of now, with the occasional cough heard throughout, it’s fairly safe to expect that new music will be on the way soon.

The visual follows an anxious month of July, in which viagra potency generic seemed to point to Boys Don’t Cry finally dropping. In addition, with Apple Music seemingly behind Ocean’s next project, it’ll be interesting to see how Kanye West reacts now that he’s called for a truce between the music streaming giants.

While you’re waiting, catch up on what we know about Boys Don’t Cry so far.

[UPDATE] August 1, 2016 6:00am EST A new image of Frank Ocean was found embedded in the source code of his website, formatted into a playlist titled “champaign.m3u8,” leading us to believe that “Champaign” could be the title of a new track.

Additionally, the new video is the work of Francis Soriano, who has directed music videos for Ocean in the past. Soriano shared an image of the stream on Instagram, with the location tagged as Apple’s California headquarters.

via Highsnobiety