Jared Leto Rolls With Skrillex & Rick Ross in “Purple Lamborghini” Video

After a never-ending cycle of trailers, clips and sneak-peeks, Suicide Squad is finally in theaters. And with it comes a bevy of monster singles made for the film’s soundtrack. The most badass of these by far is “Purple Lamborghini,” a track made for stunting by Skrillex and Rick Ross. And to celebrate the long-awaited release day, the duo have dropped an equally heavy-hitting music video for the track, and it stars none other than Jared Leto in character as The Joker.

Taking place in the dark side of Miami, the kind that brings to mind the neon-drenched nightmare of Spring Breakers, “Purple Lamborghini” depicts Skrillex and Ross in criminal league with The Joker. This escalates quickly into an escape by boat, but not before the gang have a great time in a strip club and driving out on the highway. This may be the first time The Joker has ever been depicted in such locales, but boy does he seem to be having a good time.

Suicide Squad is in theaters now, download the soundtrack on the iTunes store.

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