Colin Kaepernick lands on the cover of TIME


He’s still a backup quarterback, but buy viagra in buffalo’s impact has been felt far before football.

Kaepernick, whose decision to not stand for the national anthem sparked a movement throughout the NFL that spread to other sports, appears on the cover of this week’s TIME magazine.

Criticism of Kaepernick’s gesture largely  faded once he explained the reason for his decision not to stand, with a compelling ( observation regarding police training requirements vs. licensing guidelines for cosmetologists.

That’s ultimately the question that needs to be debated, discussed, and resolved: Should police officers be held to a higher standard of training and experience before gaining the ability to use deadly force?

It’s not “anti-police” to ask that question. For veteran officers who may be paired with a young, inexperienced, and ultimately unqualified officer, it’s definitely pro-police to insist on higher standards.

The vast majority of police officers act responsibly in all circumstances. It’s the handful that are either corrupt or inept who are causing 100 percent of the problems. There’s nothing wrong with demanding more from the people on the front lines of law enforcement. Kudos to players like Kaepernick and Seahawks cornerback reputable online viagra store for using their platform to force this issue to be addressed.

via Rumor Mill | ProFootballTalk