QWSTION Announces New Flagship Store in Vienna

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When it comes to design, QWSTION worships at the alter of slick minimalism. After setting up stall in Zurich http://uristocrat.com/2010/01/air-jordan-ii-2-retro-browncroc/, the Swiss brand has now turned its attentions to the Austrian market; opening a brand new store in the capital city of Vienna, «QWSTION invites», which attempts to ask questions of the retail norm while using everyday materials and no-frills, simple layouts.

As well as housing QWSTION’s own goods, the store also plays host to a variety of other brands and local designers; stocking everything from leather goods and knitwear to premium earphones and scents, while the integrated Café Wolfgang is also on hand to provide shoppers with some top-notch java.

«QWSTION invites»
Zieglergasse 38
1070 Vienna, Austria

Qwstion has also teamed up huber egloff on a brand new tote bag which you can find filing bankruptcy forms.

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