Chance The Rapper, Stephen Colbert & Ziggy Marley Recreate the ‘Arthur’ Theme Song

Chance The Rapper always manages to appear with new material at the right time and with everything that’s been happening across the world, a small dose of feel-good music is probably what people need. Taking to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Chance the Rapper teamed up with Ziggy Marley, bandleader Jon Baptiste and the host himself to perform a cover of the much-loved Arthur theme song.

In 2014, Chance released a cover of the Arthur theme song which became popular following his collaboration with Nico Segal, formerly known as Donnie Trumpet. The original theme song was written and performed by Ziggy Marley and it was only fitting that the son of the late Bob Marley would feature alongside Chance The Rapper on stage.

The performance comes a few days after Chance The Rapper’s brother and fellow rapper, released his short film Broad Shoulders, inspired by his debut album of the same name.

In other news, check out this futuristic concept design.

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