Starbucks to Hire 10,000 Refugees After Trump’s Muslim Ban & Other News

Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

What some dismissed as the unhinged rantings of a racist madman has become reality: on Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order – completely undemocratically, by the way, as there was no consultation with the state or justice departments or his republican lackeys in congress or the senate – that imposed an indefinite ban on U.S. entry of Syrian refugees, a 120-day ban on refugees in general, as well as a 90-day ban on anyone born in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, regardless of which passport they hold.

The ban also extends to holders of U.S. green cards. People were removed from U.S.-bound flights on the other side of the world, families divided, all because of where they happened to be born. Passed under the guise of an anti-terrorism measure, it totally ignores the fact that not a single citizen from any of these countries has committed an attack on U.S. soil, while the likes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan, the world’s main exporters of jihadism, aren’t banned. There is no logic or policy underpinning this measure – it is the politics of hate and spite designed to satisfy Trump’s racist base. –

In response to Trump’s stupid and racist ban on Syrian refugees and citizens of six other Muslim-majority countries, Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, has said that it plans to hire 10,000 refugees in 75 countries over the next five years. While Starbucks should be commended for helping people in need, it shouldn’t be ignored that the company pays a pittance in tax, fostering economic disparity and, by extension, the social discord that such disparity causes. A few refugees, which are ultimately employed to serve its profits, doesn’t make up for that. – car loans for bad credit and negative equity

As the New York Taxi Workers Union declared that it will be suspending pickups at JFK airport for an hour as a show of solidarity with protestors, Uber found itself in hot water after it declared that there will be no surge pricing for rides ordered at the airport. This was regarded as an attempt to exploit the strike, and the #DeleteUber hashtag started trending, with instructions how to delete the app. In attempt at back pedaling, the company said it will compensate any employees affected by Trump’s recent executive order, and its CEO, Travis Kalanick, will raise the issue with Trump when they meet next, because Uber is just one tech company that seized the opportunity to jump into bed with his transition team. – NBC News

Following the Golden State Warriors’ narrow 113-111 win against the Portland Trailblazers, Golden State coach, Steve Kerr, turned his attention to more pressing matters and denounced Trump’s Muslim ban as “a horrible idea” that will only foster more anti-American attitudes. Kerr has personal experience of this: born in Lebanon, his father was murdered by extremists in 1984 when he was president of the American University in Beirut, so he’s not just another famous person ranting on Twitter and he should be commended for not hiding behind spineless apoliticism. – CBS Sports

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