Ubiq x Diadora N.9000 “Whiz Wit” Is Inspired by the Famous Philly Cheesesteak

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Needless to say, combining food and sneakers typically isn’t a good idea – that is, unless you have a fresh bottle of http://uristocrat.com/tag/self-edge/ to keep them safe. Aside from that instance, however, Diadora and Ubiq have officially found a way to make it work, using the famed Philly Cheesesteak sandwich as inspiration for their latest sneaker.

Officially titled the “Whiz Wit” N.9000, the duo opted to utilize Diadora’s most premium materials to reconstruct a shoe reminiscent of the regional favorite. The upper is a contrast of materials, with premium leather and suedes to represent the blend of tasty ingredients used in the Cheesesteak sandwich. One of the most intriguing aspects of the sneaker is the yellow leather used on the side to represent cheese, due to quality colored leather being a rarity in today’s sneaker world.

The Ubiq x Diadora “Whiz Wit” N.9000 will debut on January 28 both in-store and online at tesla motors bankruptcy.

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