A ‘Coming to America’ Sequel Is in the Works

Coming to America (1988)
Directed by John Landis
Shown from left: Eddie Murphy (as Prince Akeem), Arsenio Hall (as Semmi)

With the news of viagra wiki on men still fresh in the minds of many, there is perhaps a signal that the comedy world will continue to be brightened by his family and their impeccable comedic chops after word emerged today that Paramount is in the in process of creating a sequel to Coming to America – a film that cemented Eddie Murphy’s status as a comedy icon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has hired Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, who penned the 1988 original, to write the potential sequel.

While there is no indication whether or not Eddie Murphy is involved, http://uristocrat.com/buy-cialis-no-prescription/ in March which hinted at what was confirmed today – although Murphy has denied any knowledge of that Tweet in question.

What’s key is that Paramount is referring to this as a “sequel” and not a “reboot” – indicating an expansion on the exploits of Murphy’s Prince Akeem, Arsenio Hall’s Semmi and John Amos’ Cleo McDowell – instead of casting new actors in the roles they made famous.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

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