Antihero Nike SB Collaboration

Fast fact: Antihero, a board company founded in 1995, is one of two brands Sandy Bodecker has wanted to collaborate with since the inception of Nike SB.

While one of those desired collaborations has been ongoing since 2002, Bodecker’s other want has taken a little longer for the other to come to fruition. That is Antihero, and the process of finally working together is made even sweeter as several members of its team, Brian Anderson, Grant Taylor and Daan van der Linden, are also Nike SB members. And thus the match has a clear and strong connection, and 2018 became the perfect time to collaborate.

Antihero is probably the brand that really represents the spirit of skateboarding in its purest form — the reason why Bodecker was initially attracted to the brand. It carries a “this is who we are spirit,” unconcerned with the ebbs and flows of the industry at-large and thus always staying true to its desires. For that, it has provided significant doses of inspiration to the Nike SB team over the years.

“We’re pretty lucky in SB because a lot of our athletes are also artists. One of the best elements of this collaboration, and what makes it truly unique, is that the athletes are the ones — Brian really — who said, ‘We should do this!’” says Jesse Leyva, Senior Creative Director for Nike SB.

via canada and dui