A basketball constant: If an offensive player is able to create separation between himself and the defensive player, he can boost his scoring percentage.

Everyone knows that shooting a basketball is easier when the shot is uncontested. Fewer people know exactly how much easier it is with specific amounts of space (five feet versus four feet versus three feet, and so on) between the offense player and the defender. Luckily, math provides some clarity there: A study from MIT revealed that for every foot of space created by an offensive player against a defender, shooting percentage for NBA players rises by 2 percent. While that number might seem small, it’s in the minutia that the likes of Kobe Bryant play.

With that 2-percent improvement in mind, the KOBE NXT 360’s design — a three-part structure of wrap-around Flyknit, a drop-in dual-density midsole and an outsole — is predicated on providing the surest possible footing.

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