Watch Dragon Ball Super’s “Tournament of Power” In Real Time ended on March 25 with the conclusion of of the "Universe Survival Saga." While Japan’s Fuji TV stated that payday loans paradise ca were made to continue or discontinue the series initially, It was announced by Toei Animation on March 12 that the highly-hyped series

The Universe Survival Saga is the fifth major saga of the anime. The "Tournament of Power," planned by multi-verse ruler Zeno, saw the ten of the strongest fighters of eight universes partaking in an epic battle royale. If a team were to lose, then the universe they come from will be destroyed immediately. The arc was 55 episodes, with 35 of them focusing on the actual fight. The limit for the match was 100 "Taks," which is about 48 minutes on Earth.

For those who want to revisit the fight or just don’t have the time to go through 35 episodes, a YouTube user called Hayclonic has graciously took the time to compile every fight scene in the "Tournament of Power" in real time. Like the match in the anime, the duration of the video is 48 minutes. Watch it above.

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