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Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III “Flamingo” @ Kith NYC

My friends over at KITH NYC are today releasing their highligy anticipated Ronnie Fieg x ASICS “Flamingo” Gel Lyte III sneaker. The shoe first made its mark on the cover of Sneaker Freaker Germany in early July, and now the official release details have been revealed. The shoe will release on August 2nd at 11am EST at Kith NYC stores and in limited quantities for $150 USD.

Check out for the official release details, and also see attached a full press release.

adidas D Rose 3.5 x Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott takes his design prowess and applies it to the adidas D Rose 3.5. The sneaker comes featuring an upper with Gold-flecked cherub prints hoisting boom boxes and dollar signs. This is a limited version of the sneaker D Rose 3.5 and it will be available at Oneness on July 6.

Questlove presents PSK featuring RJD2, Cash Money, Cosmo Baker, DJ Phsh, DJ Statik, Emynd & Bo Bliz

For the 3rd straight year, Heineken is hosting the ultimate DJ showcase to kick off the largest free concert in America, “The Roots 4th of July Jam”.

Roots founder, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson is throwing this epic event on Independence Eve with an all-star line up at Voyeur. Come groove with RJD2, Cash Money, Cosmo Baker, DJ Phsh, DJ Statik, Emynd & Bo Bliz and of course, the man himself, Questlove at the Philadelphia Sound Konnoisseurs, aka PSK!, on Wednesday, July 3rd.

Buy Tickets Now:



August Alsina, The Product 2 (Mixtape)

After a slight delay, August Alsina drops off the second installment to The Product. The Product 2 is longer with more original material from the New Orleans native. DJ Drama hosts, while The Dream, Trinidad Jame$, Curren$y, Roscoe Dash, and Juelz Santana make guest appearances.

August on signing with Def Jam:

I signed with Def Jam in August, a few days before my birthday. I went to meet with Karen Kwak. She told me she had been watching me since my YouTube days. That meant a lot to me. She had a chance to watch me grow. She understands what I come from and what I’m about. When we met, she took me around the building to meet with a few A&Rs. We chopped it up with them, played some music and everyone was feeling it. I met with The Dream and then I met with the CEO, Barry Weiss. He was like, “Man, we doing it. I totally get it. I totally understand it. Let’s do it.” I couldn’t turn down an opportunity like that. It was a no brainer for me. It’s family over there and they rock with me. They believe in my talent and they understand.


August Alsina’s current single, I Luv This Shit ft. Trinidad Jame$ is out now.

Austin Millz talks Jim Jones, Vampire Life and working with The Hitmen

In an extended interview with Good*Fella Radio Show Austin Millz speaks on his relationship with production duo Sean C & LV, better known as The Hitmen and how they recruited him as a teenager. The Penn State graduate then reflects on his first studio session with Jay-Z while he was working on the American Gangster album. Austin later explained how after playing Jim Jones over 25 beats he eventually received placement on Jim Jones Vampire Life 2 Mixtape.


Jim Jones – “Vamp Life” (Prod. by Austin Millz)



Check out this new Jim Jones track entitled “Vamp Life”, produced by Austin Millz (see off Jim Jones’ new project Vampire Life 2 F.E.A.S.T. (The Last Supper).

Hulkshare –
Mediafire –

Link to Vampire Life 2 F.E.A.S.T. (The Last Supper)

Austin Millz – #Earned (Mixtape)



Producer Austin Millz releases his debut instrumental project.  This project features a compilation of 16 fresh instrumentals with 1 feature from artist A.P. This tape will serve as a preview of his sound, his vision and to prove to everyone on why respect and hustle in this music industry is Earned, not given.

Artwork by Karla Moy aka hustleGRL.

Austin Millz – Earned (Instrumental Mixtape)
1. Come Back
2. Applaud
3. Black Stars
4. Firelight
5. All We Want
6. Screen Block
7. The Rat Pack
8. Flickering Lights Ft. A.P.
9. If You Don’t
10. 4 AM
11. Here Now
12. Rest Haven
13. Shift Shadows
14. Tainted Fiction
15. Luxury
16. Feast
17. Desires

Austin Millz Making “Black Stars” – #Earned (Video)

Austin Millz (@AustinMillz), a producer from Harlem, New York and a protege of Diddy’s Hitmen‘s Sean C and LV (Grind Music) will be releasing his debut beat tape called #Earned shortly. Here is a beat making video to give folks an introduction to what he does.  Look out for the project coming soon. The front cover was also designed by Karla Moy aka HustleGrl, and clip directed by DY Visuals


Austin Millz Making “Black Stars” – #Earned


GRITS & BISCUITS: A Dirty South Set- The D.C. Edition (Part II)


The Return of the Highly Regarded, and Critically Acclaimed “Grits & Biscuits” is upon us . . .

GRITS & BISCUITS is back in D.C. for some down home Dirty South booty droppin and pelvis poppin!

E.Z.Mo Breezy Presents GRITS & BISCUITS: A Dirty South Set – D.C. Edition – Part II

Who: All us professional folks that need to get loose!
What: GRITS & BISCUITS Party – D.C. Edition – Part II
When: Saturday, January 14, 2012 @ 10pm
Where: Liv Nightclub – 2001 11th Street NW, Washington, DC
Why: It’s time to get out of that suit and kick them heels off!

DJ Square Biz will be spinning Dirty South music all night long!!!!! UGK, Outkast, Lil Wayne, Luke, 2 Live Crew, Cash Money, No Limit, Rick Ross, and more!!!!

This is a place to come and dance like you are still a Freshman in college (w/ a legit ID and after proper stretching of course)!

21+ to enter with valid ID

Dress code – aint one
High siddityness – frowned upon
Dudes – a plenty
Gals – in abundance
Drank – pouring up
Heat index – high
Suit Jackets & Mr.Rogers sweaters – rookie mistake
Heels – rookie mistake
Perms – At your own risk
Naturals – Extra shea butter
Stretching – strongly suggested

Pre-Order Tickets:

Swatch Touch 2011

Swatch Touch 2011 models give touch-screen access to six digital functions: time (2 zones, t1 & t2), date, chrono, alarm, timer and beep. Users sweep through the functions with ease using finger-taps and sideways scrolls—no pushbuttons—and can activate the screen’s built-in backlight to assure readability under all conditions. Revealing Swiss-made quality throughout, Swatch Touch’s 2011 curved plastic glass display and coloured LCD present Arabic numerals in a big, stylish font designed to fit the shape of the watch. Ergonomic in every detail, the smooth integration of the watch head and strap makes Swatch Touch 2011 a real pleasure to wear.

By far the biggest numerals on the Swatch Touch 2011 screen are the seconds: animated like the seconds hand on an analog watch. They are constantly changing, alive, giving rhythm and a pulse to life in the digital age. They are, in fact, the “heart” of the watch—Swatch on the move.

Swatch Touch Black, Swatch Touch Camouflage, Swatch Touch Pink, Swatch Touch Blue, Swatch Touch Purple and Swatch Touch White are all $140 each

Purchase Here:

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (Documentary)

This film is a riveting compilation of 16 mm footage taken by a Swedish film crew dedicated to covering the American Black Power movement. This movie combines the contemporary voices of Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, John Forte, and others with vivid images of tumultuous years past.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 Features Interviews with Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Elderidge Cleaver, Huey Newton, Stokely Carmichael, and many others.

In a world of cinema starring Marlon Wayans, Meagan Good and/or directed by Tyler Perry . . . do yourself a favor and go see this film.

Production Year: 2010
Country of Production: Sweden
Running Time: 100 min
Director/Writer: Göran Olsson

Washington, DC
Landmark E Street Cinema
555 11th Street NW, Washington DC

New York
IFC Center
323 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

IndieScreen Cinema
285 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY

E.Z. Mo Breezy Presents GRITS & BISCUITS (dirty south party)

Tired of attending your run of the mill, saditty, stand around and mug your fellow man, and generally leave sobered up and disgruntled event? Well, you are in luck! Everyone’s favorite ‘Grits & Biscuits’ event is hitting the road and arriving in DC this weekend. I highly suggest you purchase your tickets ASAP…

As billed:

Who: E.Z.Mo Breezy, “You, Yo Momma, and Yo Cousin Too!”
What: GRITS & BISCUITS Party – D.C. Edition
When: Friday September 30, 2011 @ 10pm
Where: Liv Nightclub – 2001 11th Street NW, Washington, DC
Why: Even though you holding all these degrees, trying to make a difference and earning a lil money, you still deserve to shake yo a$$ a bit!

Dress code – there is NONE – be comfortable
Bougie attitudes – you will look foolish
Deodorant – That natural ish ain’t gone work
Dudes – a plenty
Gals – in abundance
Drank – a flowin
Suit Jacket – rookie mistake
Heels – rookie mistake
Stretching – strongly suggested


Interview w/ P.J. Braham, Founder of ANTI:theClothingMovement (“ATCM”)

Q: What do you do for a living, and what is your role/position for ANTI:theClothingMovement (“ATCM”)?

I am (soon to be) a lawyer by trade; however, I am an artist at heart. At this moment, I am trying to merge the two fields, or use income from the legal career to support my artistic endeavors.
In regards to ATCM, my official title is CEO, and this entails everything- graphic design, web design, blogging, marketing, sales, shipping etc. The only thing I do not do is make the screens and print the t-shirts, my boy from grade school Chris Kato at Ordinary Craft does that.

Q: How would you describe your fashion sense and what are your most prized articles of clothing (shoes, jeans, hats, etc.)?

Very laid back, very Cali. A nice t-shirt, jeans and a pair of vans are what I am most comfortable in.
My most prized articles of clothing…well as far as casual/street apparel it’d have to be the following: my Los Angeles Raiders snap-back that I purchased off e-bay from some guy in China, it’s official; a pair of these high top black leather, velcro Creative Recreations that are pretty legit; and finally, my black and orange Vans crewneck sweater.
On the GQ tip, I have an Italian three-piece, Super-100’s suit my uncle bought me when I graduated from college.

Q: What was the impetus for the creation of ATCM?

My need for a creative outlet; I needed a forum to voice my opinion.
ATCM started back in 2005 when I went with a friend who was a part of Mixwell Clothing (now defunct, it was a DJ apparel brand that was low-key popular in early part of the century) to the MAGIC Tradeshow in Vegas. At MAGIC, I got to see the behind the scenes of the street apparel business, the different brands, the Hollywood-aspect of street/urban clothing. It intrigued and inspired me. From that experience, I knew street apparel was a way for me to get my message out, and I knew that I could be successful in this business.

Q: What audience do you expect your brand to resonate the most with?

Anyone who is interested/influenced by hip-hop, punk-rock, or skateboarding culture and within that grouping, anyone who is concerned with/conscientious of world affairs. I market ATCM as socio-political art projected on cotton, so ATCM will resonate most with individuals who are into hip-hop, punk rock, skateboarding and geo-politics.

Q: How do you plan on getting ATCM out to these individuals?

The internet, boutiques, guerilla marketing (slap-tagging) and word of mouth. I want people to see the ATCM logo, the designs and to ask questions: what does it mean? Where can I find it? I think having a sense of mystery is a good way to draw people into your brand.

Q: What are your plans for ATCM in 6 months, 18 months, and 5 years?

6 months: Place ATCM in 10 more boutiques, each boutique located in a different city.

18 months: Have a few screen prints displayed in a street art gallery or art show; have expanded ATCM’s placement into all major US cities; collaborate with other street apparel brands/artists.

5 years: Establish Anti:theClothingMovement amongst the premier street apparel brands; have branched off into different forms of media- videos, a magazine.

Q: What separates your custom apparel from that of competitors in this market?

The aggressive nature of the ATCM message; it’s raw and unfiltered, it’s straight from my mind to the t-shirt. There is a certain level of depth that I aim for with my ATCM designs, I want people to think about the images I present. To analogize to hip-hop, I am the non-corny, non-annoying conscious rapper.

Q: Do you have any news for the public concerning any expansion/collaborations and/or upcoming projects?

Right now I am completing the fall/winter line and I am also working on a few art pieces; I plan to offer 18 x 24 posters of designs along with the t-shirts. Also, I am looking at offering some limited edition hoodies and thermals for the winter time.

ANTI:theClothingMovement is designed to share my point of view with the world. I don’t expect people to agree with everything I am presenting, but I do expect people to question their perspectives and how they arrived at their conclusions prior to seeing my art. I just want people to open their mind, think outside the box a little. If they feel my message, then be free, be ANTI!

Please visit the website:; blogsite:; twitter: @atcmisraw.


Nike Air DT Max 96 White\Varsity Red

Trainers have made a huge comeback this year, effectively rounding out anyone’s footwear collection with renditions of the Griffey Max I, Diamond Turf, and Air Trainer Max 91. This year marks the return of the Nike Air DT Max ’96 in the classic Red/Black/White San Francisco 49ers colorway. The Nike Air DTs are scheduled for a November 20th release at Nike retailers nationwide: Even the colorway is aggressive, this is a must cop.