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Pusha T Releases Limited Edition Zine & Vinyl

As announced via Twitter, DONDA has released a handful of Pusha T artist merchandise online, for a limited time. In addition to the rapper’s playing card-themed coaches jackets, hoodies and tees that dropped earlier this spring (see here), DONDA is also releasing a limited edition Darkest Before Dawn zine, with only 500 copies made worldwide. Each issue purchased comes with a physical copy of Pusha T’s King Push: Darkest Before Dawn – The Prelude album, which is also now available in vinyl for $30 USD.

You can grab the Pusha T merchandise now, while stock lasts, online.

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Nike Gives the OG Cortez the Ultra Moire Treatment

Nike Sportswear’s original Forrest Gump-approved Cortez has made a number of appearances in recent months, returning in OG 1972 form last fall before getting a chukka makeover and subsequent the Athletics West treatment earlier this month. Now the original look is getting its most modern update yet as NSW brings Ultra Moire construction to the retro low-top. The result is a sleek design that retains the old red, white and blue aesthetic while dressing it in a lightweight, perforated upper with a comfy sole to match.

Finished with subtle reflective accents, the Cortez Ultra Moire is due out later this summer.

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Gucci Mane Announces ‘Everybody Looking’ Album

After an early and highly-anticipated release from prison, Gucci Mane has officially announced a date for his new album titled Everybody Looking, along with the artwork via Instagram. Possibly the fastest project turnaround from an artist after being set free from prison, this is comedically no surprise if you’re a follower of Gucci Mane who dropped the Mike-Will Made It-produced single “First Day out Tha Feds” moments after his release, followed by “All My Children.” Be on the lookout for the album starting July 22.

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A Closer Look at the Nike Zoom Kobe Icon in “Metallic Silver”

The Kobe legacy lives on with his latest colorway of the Nike Zoom Kobe Icon in Metallic Silver. The premium basketball shoe showcases a roster of technical features including a lightweight breathable upper, high performance Zoom cushioning, extra heel support and an ankle countering system for controlled steps. Branding stretches across the toe to the side panels while the look is finessed with zip-hidden laces. The new colorway is available now for €179.95 (approximately $200 USD) at Afew store

Click here to view full gallery at

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Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA” // Another Look

LeBron James is taking the Olympics off this summer, and we can’t really blame him. Riding high off his third championship, the Akron product has laced ’em up for the red, white and blue each and every opportunity over the course of his career. Still, the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA” could pop up on the hardwood in Rio.

Based in blue, white branding, top strap and outsole provide contrast with hits of red scoring the progressive silo. Release details are unknown at this time, but the recent run of Soldier 10s suggests soon. Keep it locked.

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

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With Pigalle’s Spring/Summer 2017, Stéphane Ashpool Presents His White Wedding

Stéphane Ashpool and Pigalle presented their Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris this week, a beautiful presentation that builds on Fall 2016’s “Eros” collection. The story being told here is a personal one, connecting his two-year relationship with girlfriend Marissa Seraphin to a happy ending, a white wedding. Taking place in the elevated garden of the city’s Musée de Montmartre, the run presented the groomsmen one by one, showcasing a wedding-appropriate wardrobe. The color palette stayed white for the most part, with hints of violet, apricot, and yellow. Each piece draped effortlessly and didn’t skip a detail, with highlight pieces ranging from long jackets, quilted bombers, relaxed trousers, shorts, and more. Look through Pigalle’s Spring 2017 collection in the gallery above.

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Listen to Kid Cudi’s “Goodbye” Now

Kid Cudi has already dropped a few songs this year, such as “All In” and “The Frequency.” He also announced that he would be dropping two albums, so it makes sense that Cudi is ramping up releases, with the latest being “Goodbye.” The track is produced by WZRD, a duo comprised of Cudi himself and longtime collaborator Dot da Genius, and features high-energy vibes perfect for the summer. While it’s still unclear whether this song will be a single on his upcoming album, you can check out the track here.

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Nike LeBron Solider 10 “Strive for Greatness”

The Cleveland Cavaliers shut down the city today when their parade that stretched nearly a mile and half flowed through a sea of thousands of Ohioans. It was a moment for the ages, greatness personified, as was once just a promise by LeBron James.

The Nike LeBron Solider 10 “Strive for Greatness” reflects the three-time NBA champions sentiments in both moniker and performance. As the shoe James wore throughout much of the Finals, the Solider 10 continues to release in wide numbers with this black and gum pair acting as a standout colorway.

Nike Store quickly sold out of the shoe earlier today. However, select Nike Basketball retailers have the model available for purchase.

Nike LeBron Solider 10 “Strive for Greatness”

Colorway: Black/Black-Gum Light Brown
Style #: 844378-009
Price: $140

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

Nike LeBron Solider 10 Strive For Greatness

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What Movies are Coming to Netflix in July 2016

There are so many great TV shows and movies coming to Netflix starting July 1. See the full list, below.

Available July 1

41 on 41

A Long Way From Home

Back to the Future

Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part III

Bad Boys II

Batman: The Movie

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Between: Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop II

Big Trouble in Little China

Blade 2

By the People: The Election of Barack Obama


Cheaper by the Dozen

Cinderella Man


Death Race 2

Death Race 3: Inferno



Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


Hello, Dolly!

Hey Arnold! The Movie



The Italian Job

Jackass: Number Two

Jim Jefferies: Freedumb (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 4

The Longest Yard

The Lovely Bones

Making the American Man (NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE)

Marcella: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Marco Polo: Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Mean Girls

Nevada Smith

Nick of Time

The Painted Veil



Raiders of the Lost Art: Season 2

Rumor Has It


The Shannara Chronicles: Season 1

The Sting

Stomp the Yard: Homecoming



Turner and Hooch


Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West

Well Wishes

Working Girl

Yours, Mine, and Ours

Available July 4

Kuromukuro: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Available July 6

The Big Short

Available July 7

A War

The Armor of Light


NSU German History X: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Available July 8


Word Party: Season 1

Available July 9


Mystery Files: Season 1

Available July 10

The Last Kingdom: Season 1

Available July 12

Rolling Papers

Available July 14


Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Todd Margaret: Season 3

Available July 15

The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)




Stranger Things: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Available July 16


Available July 19

Liv and Maddie: Season 3

Available July 21


Available July 22

BoJack Horseman: Season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Degrassi: Next Class: Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Available July 24

Popples: Season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Available July 27

The Wave

Available July 29

Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh: Season 1 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)


LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One: Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)


Available July 30

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Season 6: Part 1

Available July 31

Hit Record on TV With Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Season 2

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The 11 Craziest Summer Reddit Skin Care Tips That Actually Work

When it comes to fighting summer skin care woes like acne, oiliness, sweating, and chafing, we don’t mind doing things that are a little out there—as long as they work. That’s why we scoured Reddit to find the tricks users swear by, and then ran them by dermatologist to discover the ones that will actually keep your skin clear, glowing, smooth, clean-smelling, and happy. Here are the odd (but effective) tips we picked up.


1. Fight B.O. With Acne Wash "Stinky armpits no matter what you do? Use acne face wash under your arms. It kills the smelly bacteria. I actually don’t use deodorant now and I smell pretty great."—earthworms

Why this works: “An antibacterial cleanser [with ingredients] such a benzoyl peroxide can help reduce the bacteria that lead to underarm odor,” says dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, M.D., clinical instructor at Mount Sinai Dermatology. “It’s easy to just keep in the shower and use a bit every day.”

2. Use Tea Bags for Under Eye Puffiness [For puffy allergy eyes] “Make a cup of tea (green or black, something caffeinated), let it steep awhile, hold the bag to your eye/undereye once it’s cool enough.”—kadikadikadi

Why this works: “Caffeinated tea bags contain natural diuretics that can reduce puffiness,” explains Los Angeles-based dermatologist Christine Choi Kim, M.D. Plus, the cooling factor feels great on a hot day!

3. Fight Chafing With Diaper Rash Cream “My sister has used Desitin for days she wears skirts. Granted, I’m sure any diaper cream will do.” —LightRadars

Why this works: Our derms say anything that’s meant to calm and soothe chapped skin—including diaper cream—will help any thigh-rubbing issues you might have. The go-to for Sue Ann Wee, M.D., dermatologist for the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City: Vaseline.

4. Try Deodorant to Combat Bikini Irritation "On a whim, I followed the advice of the stripper that had an AMA [Ask Me Anything session] and was asked the question about how she keeps her lady parts free of irritation after shaving. She said she used just a regular scent-free [Lady] Speed Stick after each shave and she would never get irritation. I thought it was a joke until women started responding that they do the same thing and it really works." —DanPaladin

Why this works: “Antiperspirants block sweat glands and reduce moisture production, so it is possible that this can reduce friction and irritation in the bikini area and other shaved areas,” says Dr. Papantoniou. 

5. Use Honey to Ban Acne “[I] use this one crazy trick…. just kidding, no really! For acne use raw honey! Lather it on and let it sit for 20 minutes.” —Kireji

Why this works: “Honey is loaded with active enzymes and is naturally antibacterial,” says Dr. Papantoniou. “Applying a thin layer to the skin will help to gently exfoliate, reduce bacteria, and smooth out your complexion.”

6. Use a Hair Dryer on Your Pits "Run a hair dryer on cold on [the creases of your body] after applying antiperspirant. This ensures that your skin is dry and so, there is a better chance of the antiperspirant staying on." —DeLickcious

Why this works: Dry skin actually does absorb antiperspirant ingredients better, according to Dr. Kim, but she says, “it makes more sense to dry your skin before applying your antiperspirant.” 

7. Use Hand Sanitizer to Get Rid of Smells “Stinky pits in the middle of the day? Rather than splashing them with water, use hand sanitizer”—wtfjen

Why this works: “If you are out and need to freshen up, you can definitely use a little hand sanitizer to reduce bacteria, and then apply some deodorant over the area,” says Dr. Papantoniou.  Just think of this as a last-resort since the alcohol in these gels can dry out and irritate your skin.

8. Try Face Oils to Minimize Oily Skin "This might sound crazy, but one way to combat oily skin is by using oil products on it. This is because oil attracts oil so it is supposed to reduce it. There are several kinds of oils and oil [based] washes. I know it sounds like the last thing you would wanna do, but do a bit of research on it and see what people’s results are!"—monikamoon 

Why this works: “Your skin is meant to have a balance of oils, and if you strip it with an oil-reducing cleanser it can cause your skin to produce rebound oils,” says Dr. Papantoniou. But using oils on your skin does the opposite, keeping your own production down. “This is not crazy at all—it is just so contrary to popular belief and media,” she explains. Just stick to non-comedogenic oils like argan or jojoba.

9. Use Panty Liners to Block Sweat Marks “Get the thin [panty liners] for ‘light flow.’ Place them sticky-side down inside your T-shirt, right where your pits would normally contact the shirt. Then layer on top of that. In summer you can wear unbuttoned light, short-sleeve button-downs over a light cotton tee and no one will be the wiser. But forget about just wearing a T-shirt and nothing else—you will look like you’re doing exactly what you’re doing.”—thatvoicewasreal

Why this works: The absorbent stick-ons will act as a buffer to keep your shirts dry in the underarm area. But Dr. Wee says if you’ve hit this level of sweat to talk to your doctor—you might be eligible for Botox injections for hyperhidrosis (the medical condition of over-active sweat glands).


10. Use Wet Wipes to Fight Body Odor [For dealing with body odor] "Wet Wipes I found to work great in [smelly armpit] situations—especially scented ones."— gravytown

Why this works: “Moist towelettes in general are great for many quick on-the-go needs, such as washing hands without a sink nearby, removing sweat and makeup after working out, and even freshening up body odor in a pinch,” says Dr. Kim.  You can grab some of the individually wrapped ones and stick them in your purse. Added bonus: they come in a variety of formulations, including antibacterial, sensitive skin, and even organic, so you can choose ones that fit your needs.

11. Beat Shine With a Toilet Seat Cover “This is a ridiculous but insanely effective and cheap method of blotting: Toilet seat covers. I swear I’m always disappointed when I enter a bathroom and they don’t have a dispenser. They are fantastic at absorbing oil, and they leave your face looking more natural than if you’d patted powder on. And they’re free!”—drpennypop

Why this works: “This paper will work just like rice papers sold for blotting,” says Dr. Papantoniou. “If you can get past the gross factor and realize they haven’t been used, they’re great if you’re in a bind.”

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Introducing the Android Basics Nanodegree

Posted by Shanea King-Roberson, Lead Program Manager Twitter: @shaneakr Instagram: @theshanea

Do you have an idea for an app but you don’t know where to start? There are over
1 billion Android devices worldwide, providing a way for you to deliver your
ideas to the right people at the right time. Google, in partnership with
Udacity, is making Android development accessible and understandable to
everyone, so that regardless of your background, you can learn to build apps
that improve the lives of people around you.

Enroll in the new Android Basics
. This series of courses and services teaches you how to build
simple Android apps–even if you have little or no programming experience. Take
a look at some of the apps built by our students:

The app "ROP Tutorial" built by student Arpy Vanyan raises awareness of a
potentially blinding eye disorder called Retinopathy of Prematurity that can
affect newborn babies.

And user Charles Tommo created an app called “Dr Malaria” that teaches people
ways to prevent malaria.

With courses designed by Google, you can
learn skills that are applicable to building apps that solve real world
problems. You can learn at your own pace to use Android Studio
(Google’s official tool for Android app development) to design app user
interfaces and implement user interactions using the Java programming language.

The courses walk you through
step-by-step on how to build an order form for a coffee shop, an app to track
pets in a shelter, an app that teaches vocabulary words from the Native American
Miwok tribe, and an app on recent earthquakes in the world. At the end of the
course, you will have an entire portfolio of apps to share with your friends and

Upon completing the Android Basics Nanodegree, you also have the opportunity to
continue your learning with the Career-track Android Nanodegree (for
intermediate developers). The first 50 participants to finish the Android Basics
Nanodegree have a chance to win a scholarship for the Career-track Android
Nanodegree. Please visit
for additional details and eligibility requirements. You now have a complete
learning path to help you become a technology entrepreneur or most importantly,
build very cool Android apps, for yourself, your communities, and even the

All of the individual courses that make
up this Nanodegree are available online for no charge at In addition, Udacity
provides paid services, including access to coaches, guidance on your project,
help staying on track, career counseling, and a certificate upon completion for
a fee.

You will be exposed to introductory computer science concepts in the Java
programming language, as you learn the following skills.

  • Build app user interfaces
  • Implement user interactions
  • Store information in a database
  • Pull data from the internet into your app
  • Identify and fix unexpected behavior in the app
  • Localize your app to support other languages

To enroll in the Android Basics Nanodegree program, click here.

See you in class!

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Air Jordan 12 “Wolf Grey” // Coming Soon

Trailing the “Hyper Violet” GS release of the Air Jordan 12, this “Wolf Grey” fueled rendition is set to take flight later this summer in August.

Dressed in a subtle blend of white and Wolf Grey with black accents at the tongue, heel and above the midsole, calendar the August 13 Jordan Release Date and take an official look at this Air Jordan 12 “Wolf Grey” below.

Air Jordan 12 GS

Colorway: White/Black-Wolf Grey
Style #: 510815-108
Release Date: August 13, 2016
Price: $140

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

Air Jordan 12 Wolf Grey

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Blake Griffin’s Jordan Super.Fly 5 Officially Revealed

Inspired by Blake Griffin and his game which often takes place above the rim, Jordan Brand today unveils the striking Jordan Super.Fly 5.

Constructed in a lightweight and flexible upper that targets support and stability, Blake’s fifth shoe masterfully incorporates forefoot Air Zoom for greater responsive cushioning. An inner sleeve and foam pads ensure a snug and comfortable fit while the shoes versatile design embarks upon a continued sartorial modernism.

The Jordan Super.Fly 5 will debut in three colorways with a retail price of $150 in the Greater China area on June 30. A global release will follow on August 1.

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

Jordan Super.Fly 5

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