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The Science of Sleep: learned form the NFL

When the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos take to the gridiron on Sunday for Super Bowl 50, that accomplishment alone will have been more than a sum of passing yards and field goal accuracy. The season itself is a war of attrition. Staying on the active roster is a 24-hour-a-day undertaking involving workouts, sleep and nutrition. Today in our three-part series, we’re sleeping it off.

Regeneration takes a lot of forms these days: cryotherapy, anti-inflammatory foods andrecovery-focused workouts. For too long, sleep, our daily recovery ritual, was overlooked by professional sports teams. “We pay so much attention to things like nutrition, stretching and athletic performance, but when athletes leave the training center and go home at night, we ignore them until they come back the next morning,” says W. Christopher Winter, MD, a neurologist and sleep specialist based in Charlottesville, Virginia. He’s been the go-to sleep guy for dozens of baseball, basketball, hockey and football teams, and now works with the Baltimore Ravens.

More sleep is not always an easy sell. “There’s still a sleep martyr mentality among some of the older coaches who think if you’re sleeping, you’re not working that hard,” Winter says. “We need to create a culture where players can talk to their trainers if they’re not sleeping well and it’s treated like a hurt ankle.”

Some of the expertise he provides is fairly basic. For instance, drinking a six-pack before bed or staying up all night playing video games is bad for sleep. But then things get fun. For instance, circadian rhythm changes as a person ages. Compared with their rookie counterparts who peak later in the evening, older people’s energy peaks in the afternoon or early evening. “Cam Newton is very young, Peyton Manning is super old,” Winter says. “If I were working with Manning, I’d want to determine Peyton’s rhythm and use the two weeks prior to the game to get him read for the later timing. That and the longer timing–the game is usually longer than a typical NFL game–as well as the new time zone. That’s when you can use things such as lighting or exercise to help adjust his circadian sweet spot.”

And it’s not just first-string quarterbacks who need to take this seriously. “There are guys who come into the league from college, abusing their bodies and staying up all night,” Winter says. “If you don’t get your nutrition and sleep together, you’ll be a guy who comes and goes and no one remembers you.”

Winter has advice for us amateurs, too: Just as he recommends teams hold practices and scrimmages during the same time of day they play games, people should train at advantageous times. For instance, if you’re training for a triathlon and race start is 6 a.m., don’t schedule all your swims after work. Like a team on the road, time zones can mess up your sleep and performance. Figure it’ll take you 24 hours to adjust to every time zone you cross. A few days before travel, start adjusting your bed- and wake-up time to your destination to blunt the effects of jet lag. And if your age is closer to Peyton Manning’s than Cam Newton, schedule big meetings earlier in the day, when you’re at your best.

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Kendrick Lamar to Induct N.W.A. Into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Kendrick Lamar is set to induct his hometown heroes N.W.A. into this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The prestigious honor, bestowed upon the iconic and legendary Compton group marks a special 12 months that saw their life story presented on the big screen in Straight Outta Compton. The news of the establishment acknowledgement of N.W.A. comes shortly after furore around the fact that none of the cast were invited to this year’s Academy Awards, let alone nominated. "t means a lot of things. It means that the group’s mark is kind of solidified. It’s all legitimized in a way because the whole music industry has to honor the group in a way" explained group co-founder Ice Cube, "everyone now at this point, no matter how you feel about us, understands what the group actually did and what it means to modern music."

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Y-3 Brings Multicolor to the Retro Boost

As a part of its spring offerings, Y-3 is looking colorful with "Multicolor" iterations of its popular shoes. Aside from the Qasa High, the Retro Boost gets the colorful treatment with a multicolored neoprene upper under classic black synthetic overlays. Set atop a white sole, the shoe is definitely vibrant. Shop this style over at Foot Patrol and additional adidas Y-3 stockists.

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Livestock & Nike Host NBA All-Star Weekend Pop-Up to Showcase the Air Force 1

For two weeks, Livestock Toronto’s Spadina location will be hosting a pop-up exhibition with Nike to celebrate NBA All-Star Weekend. Livestock has used the installation as a platform to commemorate the vitality of the Nike Air Force 1. The pop-up highlights some of the model’s most important renditions and material stories, including luxurious Italian-leathered Lows, […]

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Young Thug Drops New Mixtape

Young Thug Drops New Mixtape

Young Thug has released his new mixtape. It’s titled I’m Up, but the cover says Slime Season 3, which you can see above. The project features the previously shared Boosie tribute "F Cancer (Boosie)." It also includes two features from Lil Durk, one from Migos’ Quavo, and another from Migos’ Offset. Listen to it on Apple Music here, and check out the tracklisting below.

The mixtape was originally called Slime Season 3. As Slime Season 3, it was intended as the follow-up to last September’s Slime Season mixtape and November’s Slime Season 2. Following an apparent Twitter feud with Future, however, Thug announced the album’s title changed to I’m Up.

Read our article "Chaos Theory: The Glorious Unpredictability of Young Thug".

I’m Up:

01 F Cancer (Boosie) [ft. Quavo]
02 My Boys [ft. Trouble, Ralo and Lil Durk]
03 For My People [ft. Duke]
04 King TROUP
05 Ridin [ft. Lil Durk]
06 Hercules
07 Special [ft. Offset and Solo Lucci]
08 Bread Winners [ft. Young Butta]
09 Family [ft. Dora and Dolly]

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Adrianne Ho’s Sweat The Style Gets to Know Model and Actress Ashley Moore

Adrianne Ho’s Sweat the Style has always got your back when it comes to your next Instagram crush, and its freshest editorial features none other than model and aspiring actress Ashley Moore. The North Carolina native is photographed in sunny Los Angeles wearing HYPEBEAST favorites like Supreme, Palace, Sweat Crew, October’s Very Own, and Alpha Industries.
Get to know the social-medialite below and head over to Sweat The Style for the full interview.
How did you get started in modeling?
I started modeling almost 4 years ago. It wasn’t my plan but others told me I should try it out. So I convinced my mom to let me come to LA for at least two weeks to get signed and if I didn’t sign I would have to move back home to North Carolina. I ended up getting signed a week later to Nous Models, of course I went to visit other agencies but was turned down because of my height. I truly appreciate Nous for believing in me & bringing me on.
We know you are spending most of your time in Los Angeles. Where else have you lived?
I have lived all over. Both of my parents were in the military; so I traveled a lot. Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, St. Louis, North Carolina twice, & I was born in California Oceanside.
Social media is playing a bigger role in the careers of models as well as the fashion and entertainment industry. Do you have any insight into how that has helped you or hurt your career?
It has definitely changed so much, good & bad. Having a large following helps because if you post they will pay you a crazy rate but also you don’t want your work to be based off of the following you have on IG or Twitter. I’m so much more than that.
What’s the importance of travel to you?
Experiencing different cultures, meeting new people & just seeing something I’ve never seen before. The world we live in is so beautiful & we should see & explore it.
Where would you like to see your career going in the next few years?
I plan on being an actress, that’s my passion & what I’ve always wanted to do.

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Rita Ora Goes Pin-Up for ‘LOVE’ Magazine’s Latest Centerfold

Not content with teaming up with Terry Richardson for a predictably naked Lui Magazine shoot, Rita Ora is also the star of LOVE magazine’s latest centerfold. Talking fashion mistakes, career choices and shopping sprees, Ora this time stops short of baring all. Check out a snippet of the interview below and check out the LOVE Club issue for Spring/Summer 2016, which hits newsstands on Monday, 8 February.
LOVE: When were you first aware of the power of fashion?
Rita Ora: I first became aware when I saw how drastically my fan base increased after seeing a photo of how my themes became infectious to my fans, after watching my shows. It’s a vision. It felt like a movement and meaningful to be a part of this exciting adventure, and nobody could touch it; it was ours.
LOVE: Teenage fashion mistake?
RO: Major mistake I used to wear 2 different colour bras at once so the straps could show, oh the shame!
LOVE: What was the first bit of proper fashion you bought?
RO: First thing I ever bought myself was a little channel bag, classic black small and it was in London.
LOVE: How did it make you feel?
RO: I felt like I was turning into a LADY
LOVE: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on one single item of clothing?
RO: I remember my dress I wore to perform in front on Obama it was so special to me I had to buy it even though I’ll never wear it again.
LOVE: When did your hair look best?
RO: When I first dyed it blonde it was still fresh and bouncy nothing like fresh dyed blonde hair.
LOVE: Who’s your fashion hero now?
RO: My fashion hero is if David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Madonna had a baby, with blondie being an auntie. It was more about the attitude for me.
LOVE: I’m going to give you £10,000 to go on a shopping spree, but you have to do it in one shop, which do you chose?
RO: Probably ‘What Goes Around Comes Around,’ they have a shop in NYC and LA.
LOVE: Your best friend’s wearing something that really doesn’t suit her, do you tell her or not?
RO: Definitely. I’d want someone to tell me!!
LOVE: Have you ever ripped a label out of an item of clothing out of sheer embarrassment?
RO: Of Course! I think I’ve got a jumper on now that I’ve ripped the label out of (oooops).
LOVE: What’s the future of fashion and why?
RO: I honestly believe it’s going to be about the kids and how they see the future. It’s going to start involving street culture as it’s slowly starting to do already with the collaborations we do with Adidas E,g myself, Kanye, Pharrell, Sports. I’m hoping it will start to have a stronger voice, there’s something fascinating about the unexpected to me. I wish I knew everything, but I don’t; I’m just hoping it comes from a genuine place, so I can still be a HUGE supporter. But, hey, worst comes to worst, we can just all make our own clothes again LOL.

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Release Date // Nike Air Foamposite One “Northern Lights”

Toronto’s Northern Lights theme may be one of the best in recent All-Star history as it pertains to sneakers. It has, essentially, brought forth a unique array of tones we’ve never seen on some of our favorite silhouettes, including the Nike Air Foamposite One. Vindicated today with a release date of February 12, the Nike […]

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A Closer Look at the Public School x Air Jordan 12 Friends and Family

For the past few years, any Public School runway showcase is the topic of discussion at that particular fashion week presentation. The same holds true for this year’s New York Fashion Week showcase, in which Maxwell Osbourne and Dao Yi Chow again captivated the crowd with their unrivaled matrimony of sporting and streetwear. Among the […]

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Skate Park of Tampa x Nike SB Dunk High “Gasparilla”

Of the many region-specific traditions that shape each town, city and state, Tampa’s annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival is one of the more intriguing: a celebratory time that honors mythical figure José Gaspar, a pirate who took residence in the area in the early 1900’s. Using this tall tale for inspiration, Skate Park of Tampa joins forces […]

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Re-live Iverson’s Rookie Year with the Reebok Question

Allen Iverson fans have a reason to rejoice with the return of his debut signature shoe with Reebok. Making its way back to shelves in its highly popular White/Red colorway along with a "Prototype" model seen previously, many Allen Iverson followers will remember "The Answer" for his introduction of hip-hop culture into the NBA alongside his fearless play on the hardwood. Nonetheless, this returning colorway also saw toe-to-toe battles with MJ as well as an unforgettable NBA Rookie Class back in 1996. With 2016 still in its early stages, it’s safe to assume that Reebok has some more tricks up its sleeve following this release. You can expect the White/Red colorway of the Reebok Question to release on February 12 for $140 USD. In the meantime, re-live the shoe’s epic moment below.

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