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UNDRCRWN Unveils “Gotta Be Barack” Tee

In 2008 UNDRCRWN launched one of the most influential streetwear designs for Obama‘s inaugural year and campaign efforts. By taking influences from sports, pop culture and the brand’s signature caricature styling- the design was seen all over the world.
Four years later, UNDRCRWN continues to spread the message on the importance of voting with the “Gotta Be Barack Tee”– not only honoring the president’s re-election efforts, but also reinforcing the message that we have the power to create change this November.


The “Gotta Be Barack” T-shirt is now available for purchase at

UNDRCRWN’s webshop and select UNDRCRWN retailers.

Pierre Bolide x Stussy 2012 Fall Collection

Today we take a look at a new collection from artist Pierre Bolide and Stussy. The artist Pierre Bolide often describes himself as a “meteoric fireball” which quite appropriately is the meaning of his last name and also is his symbol always displayed on his work. For Fall 2012, the collaborative T-shirt collection will feature eight tees boasting a variety of sports-related Bolide graphics — mutant ice hockey players, bobsledders, skiers, and football players all make appearances in this colorful offering. The Pierre Bolide x Stussy collection is available now via the Hypebeast online store.

UNDRCRWN Summer 2012 Exclusives

It’s has been at least 92 degrees up and down the Eastern Seaboard and UNDCRWN wants to makesure we beat the heat in style. The sports themed brand releases a slew of tee shirts that will be sure to turn heads and keep you cool (literally) this summer.  There is the “Young’ns” tee as well as the UNDRCRWN “Boxing Sucks” Tee in light of the recent Manny vs. Bradley debacle.  and the heatwave is certainly underway! Cool off in a crispy new tee.  There is also a tee available for the newest Brooklyn sports tenants.

Pick them up today at

Keith Haring x OBEY 2012 Capsule Collection

Keith Haring x OBEY Preview from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.

Today we take a look at the latest collection from OBEY and it’s a capsule collection with renowned artist Keith Haring for the Keith Haring Foundation.  The collection takes its cues from The Pop Shop which was a Keith’s work space in the 80’s.  The goal of the collection was to recreate some of Keith’s most iconic pieces on OBEY clothing.  The resulting collection brings the art and designs of both Haring and Shepard Fairey to the forefront and includes faded graphic tees, outerwear and more. The entire Keith Haring x OBEY 2012 capsule collection will be available soon from Urban Outfitters before hitting additional retailers in July.

Other Coverage:

OBEY and Keith Haring present a full look at their collaborative Fall 2012 capsule collection for the Keith Haring Foundation. Inspired by The Pop Shop, Haring’s 1980s storefront, OBEY men’s designer Mike Ternosky created an authentic, vintage aesthetic by coupling the production methods that would have been available to Haring three decades ago with designs that would translate to today’s audience. The resulting collection brings the art and designs of both Haring and Shepard Fairey to the forefront and includes faded graphic tees, outerwear and more. The entire Keith Haring x OBEY 2012 capsule collection will be available soon from Urban Outfitters before hitting additional retailers in July.

Keith Haring and Shepherd Fairey are two artists whose distinct talents have made them masters of the art of visual language. Haring’s work lives on in this new capsule collaboration with Fairey’s OBEY — a project which unites these two icons of pop art and street art. This video preview touches on the motivations and concepts behind the project itself, while also giving a few glimpses of the capsule collection itself. The art-driven project aims to reappropriate some of Haring’s most iconic art via the OBEY clothing medium.

Everybody Eats B!!! Tees by @ClintColey

Comedian Clint Coley has been on a roll lately. The Philadelphia born and raised comedian has been eliciting laughs all over the country and his “Chill, It’s Just Jokes” series has been hailed as one of the best new comedy shows of the year. Clint has always lived by the motto “Everybody Eats B!!!” and now has a line of tee shirts to prove it. Available now in black or white, the shirts feature the slogan emblazoned across the chest. Appropriate for anyone who believes in the movement. Pick up a shirt now over at the Uristocrat Store.

DJ Wally Sparks x SPKSMEN Collab Release

SPKSMEN is proud to announce its very first collaboration with DJ Wally Sparks. The inspiration for this tee shirt is a homage to Wally’s hometown high school “City High” in Chattanooga, TN. We felt this was only right as Wally loves the brand and has been wearing SPKSMEN for a while now. If you are not familiar with Wally Sparks he is the official DJ to Big K.R.I.T. and has been seen rockin SPKSMEN gear all over while on tour with Big K.R.I.T.

Tees are limited to 40 per color and are available through the online store only.

Nike SB P-Rod Bruce Lee T-Shirt Collection

Nike SB will be releasing a set of tee shirts of the iconic martial arts artist, Bruce Lee.  The shirts are being created in collaboration with the Bruce Lee Foundation, and are 100% jersey cotton melded with Dri-Fit technology and presented over a heather gray, black or red colorway.

The Truth1585 x UBIQ Tee

Take a look at the latest from Ubiq.  Here is a look at the  “8 Ball” tee, the sneaker monument, designed for the Truth1585 Collection.  The shirt will be available at Ubiq on 12/30/2011.   Get one free with any purchase over $100 but hurry because there is a limited quantity of 50 tees. Don’t miss out! Only available at UBIQ Walnut Street. Online purchases do not apply.

1585 was an extremely turbulent time in world history: Empires battled. Leaders lied. Beliefs were questioned. Today our world is not so different. We face similar issues.

truth1585 aims to blow the lid off those who want to hold us in the dark. This is for every lie. Every manipulation. Every fraud. And every smudged fact.

We’re not here to tell you what to do or what not to do. We’re just here to give you the truth—the rest is up to you.

Open Your Eyes.


Warriors of Radness P.O.P. Pier T by Anthony Friedkin

Out now is the P.O.P. Pier T, a photo print of the infamous pier shot by Anthony Friedkin.

The Pacific Ocean Park Pier was built in the late 1950s in Santa Monica, California. Built to compete with Disneyland, it drew 20,000 on opening day, July 28, 1958. But by the late 60s attendance plummeted mainly
due to an urban renewal project begun by the city which ended up demolishing buildings in the area and closing streets leading to the park. It finally closed in 1967, fell to ruins, and became a heavily localized surfing break, especially for a bunch of local “Dogtown” skateboarders that would be known as the Z-Boys. Besides the intensity of more surfers than waves at the spot, dilapidated and busted pylons sticking out of the water made
for a dangerous ride. Rare footage of the surfing at the pier can be seen in the 2001 documentary, “Dogtown
and Z-Boys”.

Anthony Friedkin was a young surfer and photographer back then and shot the most brilliant photo of the Pier in its later days. Tony has also accomplished a significant amount of relevant work since. His photographs are included in major museum collections including New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the J. Paul Getty Museum, along with numerous private collections. In 2008 he was included in a historical group show and coinciding book called, “This Side of Paradise” which examines the dynamic relationship between Los Angeles and the art of photography from the 1860s to the present.

The P.O.P. Pier T is available exclusively at select WOR retailers, and at Reserve Online.

AnmlHse Releases New Products!

AnmlHse recently released a slew of new products and items in their online shop. These are very limited sample releases and these have been moving pretty quick around the streets. There are numerous items available including the Anml Varsity tee which features their popular upside-down A in a bold collegiate font with an oversized print.  There is also the siked hoody in black which is printed on a lightweight and soft hoody. My favorite product in this whole release will have to be the Anml Rage crewneck which features the white ape printed on a light heather crew neck. AnmlHse  managed to hold on to a few for some of our loyal online supporters and have made them available to you in their online shop.



Bad Boy Records x Supreme “Biggie” Collection

We took a look at Supreme’s Fall 2011 collection yesterday and it included a small capsule collection dedicated to the memory of the late, great Notorious B.I.G.  The collection features a tee shirt featuring the cover of Biggie’s seminal album Ready to Die. There is also a key chain in the collection. Look out for all of this on August 27th at Supreme in NYC.

55 DSL x United Arrows Limited Edition T Shirts

Japanese label United Arrows collaborates on Italian denim brand Diesel’s 55 DSL on a new unique collection. The collection features the work of acclaimed artists such as Andy Warhol, Terry Richardson and Woody Allen on the front of tee shirts. The shirts are now available from the United Arrows’ Tokyo store.

United Arrows
3-28-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, 150-0001

Supreme Fall/Winter 2011

Supreme releases images for its upcoming Fall/Winter collection.  There are a number of standouts in this collection including the cotton moleskin peacoat with water resistance and paisley print lining.  The collection also includes a strong variety of plaid shirts, accessories, rugby style polos, paisley sweats, parkas and more.  Check out the entire collection below in the gallery and see all the items on  The collection will be available on August 25th at their NY/LA stores, August 27th in Japan and September 22nd at their new London store. The collection will also be available online on September 1st.


AnmlHse: Anml Rage!

AnmlHse recently released a new tank top entitled “Anml Rage.”  The tank tops are now available and perfect for the summer.  The  shirt features the Salmon Ape printed on red tank top.  The shirts are now available in the  AnmlHse shop for $28.  This follows the great redesign of the AnmlHse website.  Visit the website and tell us what you think!




John’s Warrior of Radness Collection

Out just in time for the sweltering heat in Japan is a collection of 4 t shirt designs for John’s, Warrior of Radness’ fave surf and Americana inspired store in Japan. The yearly collaboration is appropriately called JOHN’S WOR. Subtly inspired by the Endless Summer, the collection consists of a vintage style 2 tone tank top, 2 t shirt designs, and a classic
v neck, all produced right here in Los Angeles, USA.

All items exclusively available at John’s shops in Japan, and their affiliate shops.

Geoff McFettridge for UNDFTD Tees

California’s UNDFTD get together to work with Los Angeles based Artist and designer Geoff McFettridge to work on a collection of tees.  LA’s premier sneaker store and boutiqe allowed Geoff McFettridge to create his own unique spin on the UNDFTD ‘5’ Strike logo.  He also incorporated the use of the American flag which makes the collection quite appropriate for July 4th.  Take a look at the entire collection which is scheduled to be released on July 24th. The collection will be available at all UNDFTD chapters and online webstore.