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  1. Dope site i was at the kappa party at the Marthon Grill during penn relays. Im a musician producer and artist with a music production company i want to get some stuff on your site maybe i hot review or something with a link and a mp3 snippet if you could upload it but we got hot songs. But really dope site you did a good job with designing it. Btw are you a nupe or where you guys just affilated with the party. let me know cause if so im frat but def hit me back one.

  2. Hey,

    I was wondering why aren’t you changing that old fashion file hoster you’re using with

    DopeShare Features :

    1. Big upload/download speed (even for free users)

    2. Dope embed player

    3. no captcha, no waiting

    4. Opportunity to make money by showing your own Ad on your file’s the download page (DopeShare Custom ADS feature)

    5. Clean design, only two space for ads on the download page (one for us, and one for the uploader – meaning you)

    To learn more about the Custom AD feature go here:

    The users love the big speed and webmasters are earning more than double with this custom ad feature.

    Greetings and I hope you think seriously about it,


  3. Just looking to get some exposure for a up and coming rapper from West Chester University…can you help?….listen give feedback and if you can share the wealth

  4. Yo URISTOCRAT Peoples!
       I really dig the Chiddy Bang you did. I am working with a well known producer, Sisko, who is dropping a sick Chiddy Bang remix on the 22nd.. Total last minute but I just saw this today and need it my life for the remix. Chiddy bang, their manager, and publicist is completely aware and anticipating the remix, I just would love some help getting it out there. Can you help? Please?

        My name is Rambo, I am starting a PR company (Solid Gold PR) that helps local/emerging and talented artist as, organically, as possible and bridges partners, people and media in the music community. I got mad love for Philly! I signed Grandchildren a few back. Philly has talent, now show me the brotherly love 😉 Thanks for your presence. Holla back:

    Solid Gold regards,

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