DJ R to Da IZZA releases the Flap 2 Mixtape

Two mixtapes in one day! DJ Rtoda Izza releases the Flap 2 Mixtape which follows the release of his Outkast samples tape.

The Flap 2 Mixtape is for those who like to #TurnUp and live life on the edge. If you like to party to just about anything from Down South to Trap EDM to Nola Bounce this mixtape is for you. This is me bridging the gap between all the things I like to play while still keeping the feel of an urban hip hop party, there’s dirty south, trap EDM, twerk and I even threw in a few blends and classics.

Listen Here

On June 20th, we’re at it again. Another dope mix of Dj’s for#IlladelphXperiment!!

Rich Medina and Qool Dj Marv spinning Soulful House, Classics and Afrobeat with live drums and visuals on the 3rd floor…

DJ’s Mike Nyce and all of Ill Vibe Collective [Mr Sonny James, Lil’ Dave, Matthew Law aka Dj Phsh, Panek, Skipmode and Phillee Blunt] all on 4 turntables spinning a heavy dose of Hip-Hop with host Mc Elixir, plus a Karaoke room all on the 2nd floor….

And lastly, on the 1st floor, you can enjoy hookah all night with Dj R To Da Izza opens up with some R&B and then Kenny Meez and Max Glazer take over with nothing but Reggae and Dancehall for Federation Sounds 15 Year Anniversary!

Close to 1,000 last time. Hope you make it out again! Doors open at 9pm with drink specials and we rock until 3:30am!!

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Straight From the Dungeon: Outkast Original Samples Mixtape by DJ R to Da IZZA

DJ Rtoda Izza releases a new tape for all the Outkast fans out there. The tape is a mix of all original Outkast Samples. Now this is something you definitely have to check out as there are many classic tracks on this project.

With Outkast reuniting for a tour this year and it being 20 years since they released their first album I decided to take you on a journey and give you a history lesson of all the songs they’ve sampled. Outkast doesn’t sample as much as many other hip hop acts so this mix isn’t very long, however Organized Noize and Outkast consistently finds innovative ways to flip samples. That said, this is truly a treat for anyone who is a fan of Outkast. If you loved my Best of Andre 3000 you should like this. Enjoy

On June 20th, we’re at it again. Another dope mix of Dj’s for#IlladelphXperiment!!

Rich Medina and Qool Dj Marv spinning Soulful House, Classics and Afrobeat with live drums and visuals on the 3rd floor…

DJ’s Mike Nyce and all of Ill Vibe Collective [Mr Sonny James, Lil’ Dave, Matthew Law aka Dj Phsh, Panek, Skipmode and Phillee Blunt] all on 4 turntables spinning a heavy dose of Hip-Hop with host Mc Elixir, plus a Karaoke room all on the 2nd floor….

And lastly, on the 1st floor, you can enjoy hookah all night with Dj R To Da Izza opens up with some R&B and then Kenny Meez and Max Glazer take over with nothing but Reggae and Dancehall for Federation Sounds 15 Year Anniversary!

Close to 1,000 last time. Hope you make it out again! Doors open at 9pm with drink specials and we rock until 3:30am!!

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Dear Summer: First Flaptinerary of the Year

Dear Loyal Subjects of Flap,

It is I, the friar of flap, the lord of the lascivious, your flapness, the Duke of Brooklyn, the mayor of madness, The Hood’s Marty Markowitz, Sir Flappy McFlapstar, el bachatero of the flap dance floor, Froto of the Flapshire, Marty McFlap, it is me Sir Lord Duke Flappington of House Flappister, first of his name. The purveyor of all things popping. The Steebie J of Flap. Converter of the thotless to the thotfull. Pied Piper to thots. 

My fault yall. I been busy. I been swamped. Life has been nutty. I been in hiding but word to Frank

Nonetheless. the fact that I’m back got yall like this

I got the goods that gonna make yall holla. Yall probably thought the flap was dead but guess what, the flap doesn’t die it multiplies. You don’t have to hide your excitement, I know on this non-payday ass, but still a long weekend ass Friday yall dancing in your swivel chairs like

Without further ado….

Good Peoples @ Lebain Rooftop – 3pm – Le Bain @ The Standard – 444 West 13th St.
I got the invite for this and I was originally like

I know mofos have summer Fridays, but 3pm?!?!?  Yall don’t work?! Yall really taking this funemployment thing seriously. Well eff it b/c work is only good twice a month. Anyone who disagrees is lying. If you enjoyed your job that much you’d pay them to do it instead of the other way around. 3pm is about the time when I really start doing work because I aint did sh!t all day and I now realize that if I don’t start now I’m gonna be here all night. 3pm is about the time I come back from lunch. It’s the time I have my second coffee. And these mofos talking about turning up? I might still effs with it.

The Freedom Party – 10pm – B.B. King – 237 West 42nd St

If you really trying to dance, and not like Terrio and not like my man Ice JJ Fish above, this is where you need to be. This place is really a win win. No dress code (that means no lames wearing velvet blazers and silk vests looking like an extra from a Lionel Richie video), like $10 to get in, and its at the home of the sophistiratchet, B.B. King.

Friday Night Fetish presents Motivo Mack Wilds Memorial WKND Celebrity Staycation – 10pm – Not sure of the address but I’m pretty sure its 915 Broadway – There is so much to say about this event. First, why in the hell is the name so long?! Also, he’s celebrating a song entitled “Henny” but has nary a Henny sponsorship? Thirdly, I’m glad this dude is rapping/singing and not on 90210 redux. In any case, this joint might pop. I wont be there but there’s a solid chance this thing goes. Solid venue. Plus, they wont hold you up at the door like they did Michael Lee.

Memorial Day Indoor Beach – 11pm – Katra – 217 Bowery Street – Now we’ve all been to Katra before and we all know that there is nary a spec of sand in the whole damn place. What kind of indoor beach doesn’t even hand sand? I have a whole bevy of questions, but let’s talk about what’s good about this party; one of my favorite bruhz will be on the turntables, DJNP3 and he definitely gets it rocking. However, their dress code has me like:

“Sexy Beach Preferred…Ladies: Pumps or Heels are Mandatory… Sexy is Your ONLY Option!!! Gents: GQ Worthy Attire is a Must. No Baseball Caps, No Tee Shirts, No Athletic Wear, NO EXCEPTIONS” – If this isn’t some of the most confusing sh!t you’ve ever read, I don’t know what is then. Do you think I wear blazers to the beach? I didn’t know women wore pumps to Coney Island. All of the times I’ve been to Miami, I’ve never seen a woman sashay down the beach in heels. Maybe Ocean Ave. Maybe a boardwalk, but the actual sand? You know what? I’m à


The People’s Brunch: Champagne By Us. Love by All – 12pm – Pranna – 79 Madison Ave – We all know what Pranna is and where it is and what’s the scene hitting for. Just know that the food is pretty shitty. Eat before you go. No jokes. Real rap. #StrugglePlates

BAM Africa Festival – 12pm – Ashland Place between Hanson Place and Fulton St & inside BAM Fisher – 321 Ashland Place – I’ve been to this before. Very family friendly in a strange way. Things you will see here: 1) old people will be 2 stepping out their orthopedics; 2) there will be a rasta smoking weed with no fcuks to give; 3) there will be a lost little kid with his or her face painted crying for mom; 4) hipsters will be there generally looking lost and eating foods they’ve never had and also taking pictures of randoms; and 5) there will be Thottianas there. Typical Brooklyn day.

BE Presents Summer is Coming Day Party – 1pm – American Whiskey – 247 W. 30th St – Free before 2pm and open bar until then as well. I don’t know who or what BE is or stands for. I don’t know whether this event is going to pop. I just know that it exists and that someone will be there probably too drunk for it to be 3pm on Saturday.

Makossa Brooklyn Cookout – 2pm – Brooklyn Taphouse – 590 Myrtle Ave – DOOOOOOGGGGGG. I’m fittin to be in here like swimwear. This is the third year that my favorite bar in the world because it sells my favorite beer in the world. Every time I’ve been to this is had been lit, with the shits, turnt, or whatever these 90s babies are saying these days. If you’re here, I’ll be in the back, bicking back being bool. Word to YG

Tha Bizness – 10pm – Kinfolk – 94 Wythe Ave – I fcuks with this simply because they had my man Bobby Brown on the flyer. Don’t ask me about the event, I don’t know anything else.

PEYSO’S SIGNATURE EVENT: It’s the Presents: Yatch Drill – 11pm – 23rd St and FDR – It’s a boat. It’s open bar. It will turn up. It will be thotted. I am with the shits. I will be there. I may fall into the ocean. Fin.

Customer Appreciation Party – 10:30pm – Parlor – 286 Spring Street – Only my man 20 grand could throw a party in Manhattan from Vegas. I fully expect Jerrell to be in Parlor turning up via hologram. This IS the move if you cant make the yacht below. Always love. Always live.


PEYSO’S SIGNATURE EVENT: Dope BBQ – 12pm – The Brass Bottle – 1288 Myrtle Ave – While I am generally against the idea of paying any money to enter into a BBQ, I wholeheartedly feel that if you cannot pay or complain about paying $5 for the muhfcuking turn up you should stay yo arse home. This is where I’ll be since I didn’t get Henny Palooza tickets L

The People’s Brunch: Champagne By Us. Love by All – 12pm – Pranna – 79 Madison Ave – See above. Same sh!t different day.

BAM Africa Festival – 12pm – Ashland Place between Hanson Place and Fulton St & inside BAM Fisher – 321 Ashland Place – See above. Pretty much the same thing just add women in church hats.

Sweet Spot Festival – 2pm – West Harlem Pier (125th and the Westside Highway) – Think BAM Africa Festival with more people looking ASAP.

Henny Palooza – 2pm or 10pm – Yes I listed 2 different times and haven’t listed a location. I don’t know em. What I do know is that my man Austin Millz will be djing so the party is already worth the price of admission. Plus, with AYCD Henny, how can you go wrong?!? Please eat and hydrate, lest you look like this…

The Memorial Day WKND Day Party – 3pm – Sky Room – 330 W. 40th St. – 1L2L brings you an event at an immaculate venue. I just don’t know how I feel about paying club prices and 4 in the afternoon. If your money long, do you dude.

Flavorpill Day Life – 4pm – The Woods – 48 S. 4th St. –The info I have says that the party is 12 hours long. WTF for?!?! Why does anyone need to be in one place for 12 hours?! I do love the venue as it’s the place where I met Solange. If I only knew then what I know now, I might not have pressed her so hard lolol.

Stars and Stripes – 4pm – Rosewood NYC – 5 E. 19th St. – I wont be here, but with a one hour open bar, it is possible that I’ll stop in here for a quick second. I don’t know these ppl so I’ll reserve comment for when I’ve attended some of their events.

Down & Dervy Roller Disco – 8pm – Brooklyn Bazaar – 165 Banker St. – NOW THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I CAN VIBE WITH. I know I’m 300 pounds and I have no business on skates, but I gives no fcuks. I’m agile with it. Who gonna be my NuNu tonight?! (No pun intended)

NYC Prelude – 10pm – EVR – 54 W. 39th St – TNE is back to throwing NYC events again. I think that this is the definitive club move if you’re looking for something to doon Sunday night. Chances are that I wont be there because I don’t like dressing up in the summer, but if you don’t mind wearing blazers and bow ties and such, you should check it out.

Jonny Jensos Presents – 11pm – Goldbar – 389 Broome St. – This is interesting because it says that it is a BBQ that starts at 11pm. I might can fux with it. But if there’s no BBQ, I’ll be doing this…

Yall be safe and let me know what yall got going for Monday

Illadelph Xperiment featuring Federation Sound! Dj R To Da Izza, Ill Vibe Collective and more, June 20

On Friday June 20th 2014, Flygirrl is producing the second current installment of the infamous Illadelph Xperiment party at Trilogy Nightclub, located at 6th & Spring Garden Streets in Philadelphia.

The Illadelph Xperiment originated in 2006 at a place called 1616 in Center City. The venue was made up of 6 rooms on 3 floors. It was one of a kind. We went on to host 4 Xperiment’s there, providing party goers with 6 parties under one roof with an outstanding line ups of Dj’s and performers..

Fast forward to 2014. With an itch to host a multi-dimensional party but with that same vibe of the days where different rooms of music could exist within one party, Flygirrl decided to make it happen. Start with 3 floors of dj incredible talent, add a little live and exhibited art, some vendors, hookah, amazing skyline views on multiple floors and the fact that we can extend to after hours and you have yourself the perfect Friday night in Philadelphia.

Flygirrl hosted the first one in January and it exceeded all expectations. We had an amazing line up of Dj’s, artists, musicians and more! This time will be no different! Each floor will showcase an amazing line up that truly represents Philadelphia nightlife culture. I’m excited to announce our our line up this time around. We’ll be celebrating classic parties, dope music and overall just good vibes. And I picked a few of my favorites.

On the first floor, you can find Dj’s Kenny Meez and Max Glazer spinning Reggae & Dancehall and celebrating the 15 year anniversary of the legendary Reggae party, Federation Sound! Dj R To Da Izza will open up the night for the duo spinning a mix of Soul, R&B and Reggae. There is also Hookah on this floor!

The second floor will feature the infamous parties Tastytreats & Bodyrock. Both parties are almost 15 years old as well so we decided to showcase both together for one night with DJ’s Mike Nyce and all members of The IllVibe Collective which includes : Mr. Sonny James, Lil Dave, Phsh, Panek, Skipmode & Phillee Blunt. You can catch them all spinning Hip-Hop, Classics, Funk, Soul, R&b and more on on 4 turntables with host MC Elixir!!

And last but certainly not least, you can find an electric and eclectic mix of Soulful House, Classics and AfroBeat up on the third floor with none other than Qool Dj Marv and Dj Rich Medina. We’ll also have live drummers plus there will be live visuals by Mark Hines!

If that wasn’t enough, there will be 5 Live Artists, a Karaoke room and Hookah!! And we rock all the way until 3:30am!

Friday June 20, 2014
9pm-3:30am | 21+
$3 Well Drinks from 9pm-11pm

RSVP here :
Entrance fee can be paid at the door
$10 until 11pm | $20 after

We had a diverse crowd of almost 1,000 in the building last time – do not miss this dope night of music, art & good times in Philadelphia!


first floor – reggae [hookah lounge]
Federation Sound’s 15th Year Anniversary
Dj’s Kenny Meez + Max Glazer
opening set by R ToDa Izza

second floor – hip-hop
Mike Nyce + IllVibe Collective
Mr Sonny James, Lil’ Dave, Matthew Law aka Phsh, Skipmode, Panek & Phillee Blunt
with host MC Elixir
plus a new Karaoke room!

third floor – house & classics
Dj’s Rich Medina + Qool Dj Marv!
Live visuals and Drums!

Plus, birthday parties for Dameadelphia, Irize & Lyzel!

Supported by :
gL Productions, Veteran Freshman, Fusicology, Concrete Cakes, & more….



Clint Coley “I’m an Adult” in Stores Today!

Buy Now!

After honing his chops at Philadelphia’s premiere comedy club, The Laff House, Clint Coley moved to New York City to embark on his quest to become a full-time comedian. Inspired by legendary greats such as, Chris Rock, and George Carlin, Coley won Amateur Night at the world famous Apollo Theater within months of arriving in the Big City at age 23.

With talent for both comedy and business, Coley went on to organize the All Jokes Aside College Tour, visiting 14 colleges and universities throughout the country including UCLA, University of Maryland and Penn State University. He also produced and headlined Babylon Cartel Presents: Clint Coley’s All Jokes Aside in front of a sold out crowd at the Freedom Theater in his beloved Philadelphia. Coley’s drive got him opening gigs during the Royal Comedy and Mike Epps & Friends tours, landing him on stage with the likes of Sommore, Bruce Bruce, Tony Rock, and Sheryl Underwood.

In September 2011, Coley launched his own comedy series, Chill, It’s Just Jokes at Philadelphia’s Helium Comedy Club. The series quickly expanded to include Los Angeles’ prestigious Hollywood Improv in January 2012. Since then, Coley is the traveling opening act for King of Comedy D.L. Hughley and been crowned “the prince”.

Coley currently has a comedy special on Netflix entitled, “Stand and Deliver”, he tours comedy venues across the country with King of Comedy D.L Hughley and has a stand up comedy album entitled, “I’m An Adult” which is set to release April 29th. Constantly raising the bar, Coley now resides in Los Angeles building on the early successes he’s had in his career. Coley’s distinct storytelling, dramatic punch lines, quick wit and undeniable charisma keep his shows popular attractions across the country.

GQ takes a look at “How to Pick Out a Deodorant”

GQ recently posted a guide to picking out a Deodorant vs.  perspirant (think odor vs. wetness).  One of the feature products on their list of products is – Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant, which is listed as one of the best for your pits. Turns out, its one of the best deodorants out there. See an excerpt of the article below and read the full article here.

Think about the last time you bought a new deodorant: Was it because the blue cap spoke to you? Or the scent seemed nice? Despite the fact that (most) guys use it daily, we spend similar amounts of time picking out pit protection as we do toilet bowl cleaner. (So, none.) But different formulas are made for different types of guys, which means you could be a lot less sweaty/smelly this summer if you get the right stick.

First—the difference between a deodorant and antiperspirant:
Deodorants fight odor by killing the bacteria that makes sweat smelly. Antiperspirants stop wetness by blocking your sweat ducts, usually with aluminum salts. (You’re thinking—didn’t I hear aluminum is bad for you? Some worry that it could be absorbed by the skin and lead to disease, but the National Cancer Institute says there’s no evidence of this.) If you’ve got problems with both odor and wetness, look for an antiperspirant/deodorant.


Don’t Call Them Dropouts Documentary

“Don’t Call Them Dropouts”, the largest nationwide study of its kind to date, found students who leave high school without graduating do so not out of boredom or lack of motivation, but because they are overwhelmed by the effects of toxic living conditions on their daily lives, including homelessness, violent surroundings, abuse or neglect, catastrophic family health events, and the absence of caring adults who can help them stay in school.

The study was conducted by America’s Promise Alliance’s research arm, the Center for Promise at Tufts University and was sponsored by Target. #NotDropouts

Here are a few key highlights from the full report:

  • It’s a report that gives us a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the lives of people who don’t graduate from high school on time, by listening deeply to their own descriptions of their lived experiences.
  • It is the largest report of its kind undertaken to date (more than 220 in-depth interviews, and 3,000 online surveys completed), giving solid results.
  • The young people expressed a variety of things, including the fact that they don’t want to be called dropouts because they don’t believe they’ve dropped out of anything. Rather, they reacted adverse life situations that came from being in toxic living environments. These circumstances piled up and demanded increasing shares of their attention, and they often persisted without the help of any caring adults in their lives.
  • What young people need is a voice in solutions that involve them; coordinated, wrap-around supports that help them to meet their various challenges; and most importantly, the support of caring adults to help them navigate their circumstances.

Learn more about the documentary here at GradNation

YACHT DRILL – May 24th

If you’re going to be in New York City for Memorial Day Weekend,
Please join us for our 2nd Annual YACHT DRILL.
This is a private, open bar yacht party.
Yacht Drill Teaser 2
(This is the ACTUAL Yacht)
Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday, May 24th
More Details to Follow…
To Get FIRST Priority When We Open Up Tickets for YACHT DRILL:
Be sure to visit and follow us on Instagram @ItsTheDrill for more updates…

The Meatball Shop After Party LES

The Meatball Shop will close their flagship restaurant in the Lower East Side (84 Stanton) on May 20 at 10:30pm  to party for a cause.

Drinks and special balls from chef Daniel Holzman and beverage director Skye LaTorre of The Meatball Shop as well as notable guest chefs Dale Talde of Talde, Pork Slope and Thistle Hill Tavern; Nick Anderer of Maialino; Gavin Kaysen of Café Boulud; Jamie Bissonnette of Coppa and Toro; Johnny Iuzzini of Sugar Fueled Inc; and Jim Meehan of PDT.

All proceeds will go to The Meatball Shop + Waves For Water partnership to support their efforts to provide the basic human right of clean water to impoverished communities around the world. First stop: Colombia.

Suggested $50 donation at the door, but all are welcome. To RSVP email


JAY Z & Beyoncé – RUN Video Trailer feat. Sean Penn, Jake Gyllenhall & More…

Roc Nation & Parkwood Entertainment Present: “RUN.” The trailer serves as a teaser of sorts for the upcoming Jay Z and Beyoncé “On The Run” tour coming this summer. The video features direction from  Melina Matsoukas and stars Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Díaz, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, Kidada Jones, JAY Z, Beyoncé.  The video is an action-packed tour du force with inspiration  from Bonnie and Clyde and is scored to JAY Z and Beyoncé’s Part II (On the Run).  The video states at the end that it will never be released but we can hope right? 

Magna Carta… Holy Grail available now. 

Tickets for “On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and JAY Z” available now. Click here to buy.

Kanye Reveals New Album “Made in Florence”

Kanye West will be releasing a new album Made in Florence. Remains to be seen if this is the album title or just the environment that fosters it.

In an interview with La Nazione, Kanye spoke on a number of items including (according to Google Translate) his impending wedding to Kim Kardashian, the Obamas and the potential album.

In these days he has been working on a new album? “Yes, here in the silence of the countryside, when I finish watching fabrics, embroidery and clothes that are like sculptures to me, pick me because I’m composing an album Made in Florence. “

Source: La Nazione



Odd Future on “How to Dress like a Rapper”

The Odd Future Squad took a visit to 106 & Park, and the Odd Future met up with The FADER to “dress like a rapper.” The group hit up some of the trendiest boutiques in Manhattan’s Soho area, requesting a lot of gold chains, leather and what not. 


For Odd Future‘s first official visit to the iconic hip-hop countdown show 106 & Park, Tyler, Taco, Jasper, Juan, Lionel and Earl wanted to make sure they could stunt on par with the famous rappers that have sat on the couch before them. More commonly spotted in bright tees and skate kicks, the crew of California miscreants hit up The FADER staff before the show for recommendations on how to “dress like a rapper,” specifically requesting gold chains, drop-crotch pants, and lots and lots of leather. We took them to some of the trendiest shops in Soho, where they ransacked shelves in search of the latest high fashion fits, before breaking down the inspiration behind their new looks while we rode to the studio. Peep the behind the scenes gallery above and interview below, and for more OF antics, don’t miss tonight’s season premiere of their Adult Swim sketch comedy show Loiter Squad, or our latest installment of At Home With: Earl Sweatshirt.

Tyler: You feel me, like, my motherfuckin’ fashion idol is motherfuckin’ Kyle Massey. So I look at him for inspiration that’s why I look so swag right now. Leather pants, Versace chains. This leather basketball, baseball jersey. This ain’t a snakeskin hat nigga. This is full iguana. These glasses nigga, what? Boy. These glasses, three thousand. Easy. How much for my shoes? Thirteen-hundred, you sound stupid.

Taco: Nah T, you trippin T. The glasses was three thousand, the shoes is nine.

Tyler: Oh shit! Oh shit! Damn.

Lionel: You know I got the jogging pants on in case I want to sprint but I like to style at the same time cause I’m unstoppable. It’s two sides of a half of a whole. That’s all I’ma say about that. I’m lookin’ real official right now.

Taco: I got some leather shorts, shout out DKN, uh, DKNY x Versace shit. I copped some new Air Forces.


Taco: I copped some new Air Forces, but I take my Air Forces off every six minutes cause I can’t wear ‘em past that cause they get creases. So therefore I gotta cop ten pairs if I’m finna run out for a hour you feel what I’m sayin’?

Tyler: Nigga we run this fashion shit. When niggas think of OF they say, “They run that fashion nigga.” We running the Tumblr blogs nigga.

Lionel: Nigga I AM Tumblr.

Tyler: Kids dressing like us nigga. Who started the motherfuckin’ flannel around the waist swaggin’ on these niggas? We did. We bringing back that grunge nigga. That grunge cause we fashion. All these niggas is my sons.

Jasper: I don’t even wanna tell niggas what I got cause I don’t want niggas jockin’ my fuckin’ style you know. But just know I look good.

Tyler: We look so tight dog, it’s starting to bum me out cause it’s not fair for these other niggas. And I’m a human type of nigga. I’m down for all humans. And it ain’t fair. Like right now, right now, we a grocery store and you other niggas is in Africa.

Taco: How you eatin’? How you gon’ eat tomorrow? I’m finna wake up, spend twenty grand at Louis, and get a bunch of briefcases cause I’m about my business nigga.

Tyler: We Chevron, and you niggas is at the bus stop. We have gas niggas.

Jasper: How yall niggas gon’ get home?!

Taco: Nigga I got the Roley with the baby, you know what I’m sayin’, the baby crocodile strap on it. I just copped a twenty thousand dollar chain, I ain’t gon’ pull that out tonight though.

Security Guard: How much your shirt cost?

Taco: Like nine, seven, seven thousand…

Jasper: We don’t pay attention to prices nigga!

Taco: (Looks at price tag) Goddamn, this shirt was sixty-five dollars! It’s just regular cotton! Damn I’m back in normal nigga mode. I’m mad as fuck right now.


Nike KD VI ID MVP Edition

The KD VI was developed to the exact specifications of MVP Kevin Durant, with a sharp focus on design benefits and personal stories. The journey continues with a KD VI NIKEiD MVP graphic celebrating Durant’s first MVP award, now available exclusively on NIKEiD.

There is more to KD’s MVP award than stellar statistics. His mental focus this season allowed him to cut through the clutter, represented by the pixelated KD VI NIKEiD MVP graphic. Key stats from the year — including Durant’s 31+ points per game scoring average, 41 consecutive game streak scoring 25+ points and two 50+ point games — appear through an intentionally blurred graphic that becomes clear with these bright stats.

Shoe designer Leo Chang and the Nike Basketball design team took Durant’s sixth signature shoe to new levels with ongoing stories and these paid off with an MVP season. Durant’s interest in meteorologychildhood love for peanut butter and jelly sandwichescollegiate days in Texastaste for Maryland blue crab, all celebrate unique dimensions of KD.

Durant will receive a special one-of-one edition of the KD MVP shoe, similar to the KD VI NIKEiD MVP version. Athletes and fans globally can create their own MVP shoe or mimic the look of KD’s.

The KD VI NIKEiD MVP shoe is now available globally on

#DOPEBBQ comes to NYC!





Email or call / text 917-528-3184 for birthday bookings and graduation extras.

Watch Cam’ron & A-Trak’s New Video “Dipshits”

A-Trak and Cam’ron release the video for their new summer single, “Dipshits.”  Production is crazy on this joint with  A-Trak, Oliver and Just Blaze teaming up while Juelz Santana hops on the hook. Damon Dash meanwhile hops on the track for a little shit talking as usual. Watch the video above. Cam’ron and A-Trak’s Federal Reserve EP will soon  be available via Fool’s Gold.

A-Trak and Cam’ron are back! Summer anthem “Dipsh*ts” features uncut Cam’ron slick talk over triumphant instrumental blasts from A-Trak, Oliver and Just Blaze, a Dipset-repping Juelz Santana on the hook, and “Champagne Dame” (aka Federal Reserve executive producer Damon Dash) providing a legendary, song closing rant, complete with “Foooooooool’s Gold” shout!

This filthy cut gets the epic video it deserves thanks to director Ricky Saiz, who follows up his work for Beyonce and Supreme with another iconic clip, capturing the rugged glory and inimitable fashion sense of Harlem and the Diplomats with true uptown-meets-downtown flair. From kids in airbrushed A-Trak tees to Cam’s floor-length mink, it’s the most style you’ll see in a video all year.

Watch the video premiere on Complex now and stay tuned for more from the Federal Reserve EP (out soon on Fool’s Gold / Poppington / Dipset). Check A-Trak on the Gold Gone Wild US tour alongside Salva starting this month, including a NYC stop at Terminal 5 with a very special guest set from Cam’Ron on Saturday, May 31st.

A Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack

Considering it’s been out since mid-April, chances are you have seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie by now if it’s something you’re interested in. If not, don’t think that you can just ignore it outright, because it’s actually got a little something for the non-Spidey fans of the world. As it turns out, the film’s soundtrack is home to several original tracks by big-name artists that are definitely worth hearing.

To coincide with the movie’s release in April, Columbia Records dropped the soundtrack just about a week later. In addition to housing all the original film score material by the legendary Hans Zimmer, the OST boasts new songs from Alicia Keys (with Kendrick Lamar), everywhere-man Pharrell Williams, and about-to-blow-up band the Neighbourhood. The last of those three acts actually comes through with the strongest cut, “Honest“, which gives you good reason to check out the rest of their material. Keys and Lamar’s track, “It’s On Again“, is impressive, too, thanks in part to the tag-team production work of Zimmer and Williams.

While more tracks like those would have most certainly been welcome—especially during the movie itself—it’s difficult to fault The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack for what it brings to the table. Sure, it’s not up there in terms of unique content like The Hunger Games series, which received (thus far) completely new songs from a diverse lineup including Kid Cudi and Taylor Swift. However, that’s setting the bar rather high and not every franchise can match that type of output. To that end, if you’re a true webhead fan and haven’t gotten your fill from the film and its soundtrack, here are some other ways you can do exactly that:

    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game – For the gamers reading this, now’s your chance to dig into a console title that takes on the narrative of the second movie in the rebooted series. OK, so the reviews for the Activision title aren’t looking too hot for this game, but still, you’re bound to be satisfied by the numerous battles with Electro and the Rhino.


    • Spider-Man Casino Game – If you need even more ways to play as Spidey, this BetFair Casino-presented option allows you to do so while getting more than a gaming fix. The online casino provides the chance to win some extra cash as you sling around the city in this surprisingly cinematic take on your typical slot experience.


    • Spider-Man Cosplay – So this one’s a bit more out there, but there has to be at least one or two cosplayers reading this. If you’re one of them and you want to celebrate your Spidey love in the truest fashion (no pun intended), Amazon is selling the web-slinger’s suit right now.


If you haven’t yet, you can watch the video for “It’s On Again” below. The soundtrack can be purchased on iTunes.

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