Beyoncé Shares Behind the Scenes Video for “Haunted” and “Superpower”

Beyoncé Shares Behind the Scenes Video for "Haunted" and "Superpower"

Now that the Platinum Edition of last year’s Beyoncé is out, Beyoncé is posting some other bonus footage on her website. Today, she shared a video of director Jonas Åkerlund talking about the concepts behind the videos he put together for Beyoncé, which includes the clips for "Haunted" and the Frank Ocean collaboration "Superpower". Watch it below. 

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Lana Del Rey’s Songs “Big Eyes” and “I Can Fly” Surface

Lana Del Rey's Songs "Big Eyes" and "I Can Fly" Surface

Earlier this week, Lana Del Rey shared a preview of "Big Eyes", one of her two new songs that appear in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, the forthcoming movie about American artist Margaret Keane. Now, the full versions of "Big Eyes" and "I Can Fly", the other song that is featured in the movie, have appeared. You can listen to them below via Rolling Stone.

"Big Eyes":

"I Can Fly":

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gloTherapeutics Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment: Our Review

What it is An invigorating eye treatment that cools, hydrates and tones. What it’s used for gloTherapeutics Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment is designed  to wake up tired eyes by erasing dark circles and relieving puffiness caused by water-retention.  The treatment comes formulated with pure essential oils and soothing botanical ingredients stimulate, smooth and tone the eye… Read More

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6 Highly Influential People Share Their Favorite Books

Jane Austen books

One question Tim Ferriss asks people on his mind-blowing podcast is, "What book have you gifted most often to others, and why?" This is one of my favorite parts of the show.

Below are some of the answers from people like Tony Robbins that might catch your attention. Thanks to this list, I just got a lot of my Christmas shopping done.

Before we get to that though, let’s recap the books that Tim has recommended:

Ok, now it is time for Tim’s podcasts guests to take over. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye. While I’ve read a lot of these, there were some very interesting new finds. I ended up ordering several books.

Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of WIRED magazine, recommends:

Tony Robbins, performance coach to Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Paul Tudor Jones, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, and a bunch of other people you’ve heard of, recommends:

Neil Strauss has written seven New York Times bestsellers, including "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists." He offers:

Ryan Holiday is an author and the media strategist behind authors Tucker Max and Robert Greene. Ryan mentioned Farnam Street in his podcast with Tim and might be the only person I know who consistently reads more than I do. He recommends:

Ramit Sethi is a personal finance advisor and entrepreneur. Sethi is the author of the 2009 book on personal finance, "I Will Teach You To Be Rich," a New York Times Bestseller. He recommends:

Still not satisfied? See what Elon MuskPeter Thiel, and Bill Gates recommend.

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These Are All The Sony Movies That Leaked Online Amid Massive Hack

jamie foxx annie

A giant hack of Sony Pictures over the holiday from a group referring to themselves as the Guardians of Peace has resulted in a number of leaks ranging from budget and salary numbers to a total of five DVD screeners of movies online. 

Four of the films have not been released in theaters yet.

All together, the movies have been downloaded an estimated 2 million times.

An industry source told Buzzfeed it will cost Sony more to "clean up this mess than what they would lose at the box office." 

Here’s the complete list of movies leaked.

1. "Fury"

brad pitt fury

Brad Pitt’s World War II movie has already made $171 million at the box office worldwide. It cost an estimated $68 million to make.

2. "Annie"

cameron diaz annie

Release Date: Dec. 19

The remake starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and Quvenzhané Wallis has been downloaded by more than 206,000 unique IP addresses, according to Variety.

3. "Mr. Turner"

timothy spall mr turner

Release date: Dec. 19

The biopic follows the life of British artist J.M.W. Turner and cost an estimated $13 million to make. The film has already been released overseas where it has made over $9 million

Total downloads as of Nov. 30: 63,379

4. "Still Alice"

julianne moore still alice

Release date: Dec. 5

Julianne Moore stars as a psychologist who learns she has Alzheimer’s disease. The film will also star Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and Alec Baldwin.

Total downloads as of Nov. 30: 103,832

5. "To Write Love on Her Arms"

kat dennings to write love on her arms

Release date: March 2015

The film, starring Kat Dennings (“Two Broke Girls”) will be centered around the true story of Florida teen Renee Yohe who struggled with addiction and depression and helped inspire the non-profit organization of the same name that “presents hope and finds help” for those in similar situations. 

Total downloads as of Nov. 30: 19,946

One upcoming movie that hasn’t leaked online is arguably Sony’s biggest, controversial "The Interview" in which Seth Rogen and James Franco play journalists recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-Un during a trip to North Korea to interview the country’s leader.

the interview screen 3

The country has made it clear it is not happy with the film, asking for a ban of the upcoming movie in a letter to the United Nations.

"To allow the production and distribution of such a film on the assassination of an incumbent head of a sovereign state should be regarded as the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism as well as an act of war," wrote North Korea’s U.N. Ambassador Ja Song Nam.

NBC News reports that several U.S. law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, are looking into a possible connection between the hacking and North Korea.

When reached for comment by the BBC, a North Korean government spokesman didn’t deny involvement saying, "Wait and see."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, an ex Sony employee or current employee may be responsible.

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11 Websites That Will Make You Smarter About Money

Business Man Using Laptop

Not everyone has a financial adviser, and not everyone has the time to read a personal finance book.

Luckily, there’s the internet.

We’ve made learning about money easier for you by compiling a list of some of our go-to websites for money advice.

Happy browsing.

1. Investopedia

Why we like it: Investopedia’s dictionary is great for finding easy-to-understand, comprehensive definitions of financial terms or concepts.

It also provides tutorials on everything from income taxes to becoming a landlord. The site even features study guides for nationally administered finance exams.

Best for: Looking up the definition of a QTIP Trust and figuring out if you need one.

2. Kiplinger

Why we like it: The digital component to the magazine "Kiplinger’s," the site features a broad range of topics from investing to real estate. If your eyes usually glaze over a few paragraphs into an article about money, Kiplinger is a good option because its insight often comes in the form of slideshows and quizzes.

Best for: Keeping on top of the latest investing news.

3. Wise Bread

WiseBreadWhy we like it: Wise Bread refers to itself as "personal finance and frugal living forums." If you want to learn how to save money from everyday people, this is the place to go. Wise Bread writers share both their own experiences and tips.

Best for: Advice on the everyday challenges of spending less and saving more.


Why we like it: Creating a free account with gives you access to your credit score, which has far-reaching effects on aspects of your life such as the interest rate you pay on loans and mortgages, and even the price you pay for insurance.

Plus, the site has a regular lineup of articles examining the intricacies of credit, as well as diving into topics such as identity theft and homeownership.

Best for: Figuring out why your credit score keeps dropping.

5. LearnVest

Why we like it: Working with a LearnVest financial planner costs money, but the articles on its website are free. LearnVest offers personal stories about money and advice from financial planners, but it also has a wide range of tools: calculators, videos, checklists for major life milestones, and a budgeting tool that also comes in the form of an app. 

Best for: Reading what certified financial planners think about budgeting, spending, saving, and more.

6. NerdWallet

NerdWalletWhy we like it: NerdWallet is all about comparison. You can compare credit and debit cards, mortgages, investment accounts, and banks, to name a few.

Every year they pick the best for each category and feature that on their site as well. 

Best for: Finding the highest-yield savings account to store your money.

7. Quora

Why we like it: Quora requires you to create a free account, and you can sign up through Google, Facebook, or Twitter. The site describes itself as "the best answer to any question," so next time you’re struggling with a specific money issue, search Quora to see if anyone else has experienced the same struggle and provided a solution. You might also come across some unsolicited — but very helpful — money advice. 

Best for: Readers who already have a basic understanding of financial concepts.

8. CNN Money

Why we like it: If you’re more interested in breaking news that has to do with money, you’ll like CNN Money. The site is great at answering the question of how current events apply to and affect your finances. CNN Money covers personal finance as well as featuring articles on the economy, small businesses, and luxury.

Best for: Learning how the news affects your money.

9. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be RichWhy we like it: The author of the bestselling "I Will Teach You To be Rich," Ramit Sethi, created his website of the same name for people who are looking for the "big wins."

Sethi provides advice on topics like finding your dream job, making more money, and starting your own business. 

Best for: Psyching yourself up to earn more.

10. New York Times: Your Money Section

Why we like it: If you prefer reading longer pieces with more of a narrative, the New York Times Your Money section is the place to go. While the larger paper provides news and insight about changes in the financial industry and the global economy, Your Money distills this news and tackles money management for the individual.

Best for: Following the ins and outs of new financial regulations, rules, and changes.

11. Rockstar Finance

Why we like it: The creator of Rockstar Finance, "J. Money," also has his own personal finance blog, Budgets Are Sexy. He curates the best money articles from a wide web of personal finance bloggers and writers — "rockstars" — and then shares them on Rockstar Finance. You can sign up by email to stay up to date and receive the new rockstar articles daily. 

Best for: Reading essays and reflections from personal finance bloggers across the web.

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PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition

As December 3 marks the 20th year since the original PlayStation was launched in Japan. In celebration of this special day, Sony has unveiled a 20th anniversary edition PlayStation 4 which is sure to spark some childhood memories. Sporting the distinct grey hue of the original PlayStation, this limited edition PS4 comes in a special anniversary box and is limited to 12,300 units worldwide. Priced at €499 EUR (approximately $615 USD), the anniversary edition of the PS4 will be available for pre-order starting December 6 in North America.


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Pedro Lourenço x Nike Blazer Low Collection

Following the unveiling of the collection between Brazilian fashion designer Pedro Lourenço and Nike, we now have the footwear component of this collaboration. Featuring the Blazer Low silhouette, the two unique renditions incorporate contrasting metallic leathers in a gradient effect. Finishing touches are solid color soles and matching laces along with a special tag on the insole. The sneakers will be available from December 5 at Nike Lab’s locations around the world as well its online store.


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Disney’s Frozen x COMME des GARÇONS Collection

There’s no need to play cool anymore if you’re reading this. Chances are you’ve been caught singing "Let It Go" with your niece, nephew or sibling once or twice like myself, so you’re likely well aware of the massive success Disney’s Frozen has had over the last 12 months. Now entering its second holiday season, and first since hitting DVD back in March, the highest-grossing animated film of all time as partnered up with fashion house COMME des GARÇONS to release a collection of T-shirts, button-downs, tote bags and pocket squares all featuring characters from the film. You can expect to see this collection at select COMME des GARÇONS locations within the coming weeks.


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New Balance 574 ’90s Outdoor Pack

New Balance has looked towards the ’90s era for this new outdoor pack that features the 574 silhouette. Offering up four new renditions, the sneakers incorporate striking pops of neon colors and speckled midsoles. It’s all in the details with this pack as there are so many touches of contrasting color accents found throughout, such as on the interior linings, New Balance logo piping and speckled laces. Take a look through the images above and keep an eye out for the shoes the release at select New Balance locations soon.


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Cole Haan Lunargrand Long Wingtip Ostrich Pack

Following the success of Cole Haan’s Lunargrand Long Wingtip, the classic yet contemporary shoe receives a makeover for this season with two new renditions. Incorporating the popular oxford construction, the shoes are comprised of premium ostrich materials in solid white and black motifs. Nike’s Lunarlon technology is then utilized to ensure maximum comfort where the wearer can transition seamlessly from day to night, without having to change their shoes for any occasion. Finishings touches include tan trimmings and interior linings, which provide a subtle contrast to an otherwise, very minimalistic product. Browse through the images above and head over to Feature to purchase the shoes for $230 USD.


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Nike Knows: Best OG Colorways of each Bo Jackson Shoe

With today’s news of the return of the Nike Air Trainer III “Medicine Ball” we decided to take a look back at all the classic Bo Jackson shoes.  While there have been countless colorways released as retros, we wanted to pay homage to the best original colorways of each Bo Jackson shoe. Shoe: Nike Air […]

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