Animal Collective Drops New Video

Animal Collective released the video yesterday for their second single, Summertime Clothes. Its directed by Danny Perez and Choreographed by Philly’s own Kate Watson-Wallace. Half the dancers are from Philly as well. 

Does anyone know where I can get one of those bed sheet suits?

the gardener book fans calling!

the gardener book fans calling the gardener book fans calling!

To help celebrate his 10th anniversary, Michael Lau is creating an interesting, interactive angle for a commemorative book. Fans can submit their own custom art work in written, photographic and illustrative form with Michael Lau’s iconic gardener as the source of inspiration. Selected pieces will make their way into the Los Angeles gardener 10th anniversary exhibition held later this year in September.

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“They are old-school 70s style punks, and they dress like King Diamond. For real, like all the time, no joke, shaved head, white face make-up, massive black eyes dripping blood. That’s how they dress normally.”

Who’s this new guy on Uristocrat? Why ‘s he blogging about mustached disco dudes and recession specials? Is that tattoo real? Where can I get that disgusting skull screen print?

Luckily for you, we forced him to a little biographical post. We can’t confirm if any of this is true, but prepare to have an egg of knowledge cracked on your brain. 

I’ll start with my name, it’s Matthew Mixveigh.  Uristocrat wanted someone who was ‘In-The-Know’ with all things arty, party, and occasionally culturally relevant issues, so they came to me. Apparently they found me passed out on the street and when I woke up Ed had me all tied up. After he worked me over pretty good (I still have a black eye) he asked if I wanted to write for this blog Uristocrat. I figured since wearing a skull mask wasn’t allowing me to get a job I’d take him up on his offer. 

Now I’d never seen a computer before, they’re hard to come by when you’re raised in the Tennessee backwoods by a pack of wild dogs, and I didn’t know a thing about street wear, hell I’ve been wearing the same clothes since I’ve been 16. I made a deal with him though, I said, “If you let me go out and party every night, I’ll write about it for the site, and since I got a pretty good ear for tunes I’ll write about them to.” Ed thought this was a pretty good deal, so he untied me and now hear I am. 

When I’m not writing for this I got a pretty nice set up over at Temple University. They let me sit around at their school as long as I study something called Journalism. I work for this other website to, it’s called Phrequency, they got a lot of good coverage of all these parties I’m at. Ed let me have one of his old cellular phones so I could get a Twitter. Apparently I just type stuff in and it goes all over the internet and you can follow me to get all the ‘latest news’. If want to clue me in on something E-mail me at

I have to go ‘work’ now at the 941 Theater for a dubstep show with Benga Plastic Little, Flufftronix, and RX. It’s $13 and BYO.

Hixsept Atomic Peace T-Shirts and Poster

hixsept-atomic-peace-0-540x360 Hixsept Atomic Peace T-Shirts and Poster

As part of French label Hixsept’s 10th Anniversary celebration, they’ve introduced a new series of t-shirts under the moniker Atomic Peace. This three t-shirt lineup features a set of re-interpreted symbols created with patchwork shapes and colors. Each design is limited to 150 pieces, and features a special 1999-2009 tag.

To complement the t-shirts, Hixsept recruited artist Samuel Francois to design a poster to represent the collection. The result is a drawing full of worrying realism, where a strange character becomes the guru of a new world where anarchy, peace and duality become universal precepts. This poster is limited to 300 examples and is available for free at all Hixsept retailers.

Have a look at more images of the Hixsept Atomic Peace T-Shirts and Poster after the jump.

Read the rest of Hixsept Atomic Peace T-Shirts and Poster

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Nike Womens Legend – White/Neo Turquoise/Tour Yellow


The Nike Legend is back with the ladies in mind this time in a very clean colorway for the summer. The all white upper is accented by a colorful turquoise swoosh and a vibrant yellow heel tab. Of even more interest is the fact that these areas are made from textured leather. The shoe also sports a purple outsole and yellow tongue tag. These shoes should be available at your local Nike retailer now. Via ID4Shoes

Black Scale Summer 2009 Look Book

black-scale-summer-2009-0 Black Scale Summer 2009 Look Book

San Francisco’s very own Black Scale are back for Summer 2009 with an impressive look book, shot in their recently opened pop-up shop. The shoot displays a number of new Black Scale t-shirts, v-necks, sweaters and the upcoming denim. Graphicwise, the latest drop from Black Scale features the familiar occult and conspiracy based imagery we’ve grown fond of. The shoot features both Black Scale and Mosley Tribes sunglasses. Stay tuned as more information develops on the private label Black Scale eyewear collection, and look out for Black Scale Summer 2009 to hit your local retailer soon.

More images from the Black Scale Summer 2009 Look Book after the jump.

Read the rest of Black Scale Summer 2009 Look Book

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RCMP EP Release On Flamin’ Hotz

RCMP Promo Photo

“There was a time when there was a Cold War and AIDS didn’t exist yet. Music was different then. There was something more free and liberated about the music. We want to bring back the spirit of that time.”

RCMP, a boogiedisco duo, is releasing their first EP on Philly based Flamin’ Hotz Records. The self-titled EP was birthed from a collaboration between DJ Apt One, one half of the Philly based DJ duo Philadelphyinz, and Pittsburgh DJ and producer Relative Q. The collaboration started in the Spring of 2008 when Apt One joined Q to assemble several remixes. Their similar musical tastes led to studio experimentation, which led to the recording of Mustache Love, a grandiose reworking of classic disco sensibilities. The success of Mustache Love led to the creation of the RCMP EP.

RCMP is already receiving praise from major players in the DJ community. Cosmo Baker, Member of DJ trio The Rub and Philadelphia Favorite, calls them, “that ultra next step of authentic dance shit. No contrived business here – these dudes are tapped into the boogie groove for real. This is dance floor murder at its finest.” Discobelle, the ‘make you or break you’ music blog of the DJ community, calls the EP, “Boogiedisco that’s got flavours of everything from Ibiza bigrooms, African conga rhythms and Kraftwerk synths and vocoders. Dancefloor mania for sure.”

Metropolis RCMP Release Flyer

The EP drops on Thursday, June 18th. That night RCMP is taking over Metropolis, the Hurrah VS. Robotique VS. Philadelphyinz monthly at The Barbary, for their EP release party. The music video for Ibiza, PA, their first single, will also be premiering. With no cover and free PBR from 10-12 RCMP will make sure your night is taken care of.

Here is a little taste until then RCMP- Ibiza, PA

Recession Special: Art for the Cash Poor Party

Art for the Cash Poor Promo 2


This weekend InLiquid brings you its annual Art for The Cash Poor party and art sale. The art sale, now in its 10th year, is a two day event featuring over 100 artists from Philadelphia and the surrounding area. With item prices never going above $199 and most items below $99, art lovers can expand their collections without smashing the piggy bank. Art for the Cash Poor isn’t just an art sale, the event will feature sets from Philly performers DJ DeeJay, DJ Royal T, Illinois, Kings and Comrades, and more.

The sale happens this Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm to 6pm both days, in the Crane Arts building at 1400 N. American St. This is your chance to snag recession priced pieces from your favorite area artists. 

While you’re there take the time to check out two Philadelphia artists whose innovative installations are already on display at the Crane. Summer Yates, a 2007 MFA graduate from PAFA, brings us Houston and Bowery, an installation paying homage to our cyclic nature through the transformation of discarded Items. The inspiration for Houston and Bowery come from Yates’ experiences living and working in a post-industrial American city. Also being featured is Nicole Wilson, a senior sculpture major at Temple University. The installation, The Pink Dandelion Project, is a grant funded research project to develop a new breed of Dandelion. Wilson’s goal is to challenge our preconceptions on beauty by making what is not beautiful, beautiful.

Uristocrat… Its a Celebration


An epic celebration of majestic proportions will go down at PandaBar (Formerly Marbar) on June 12 2009 when Uristocrat finally celebrates its launch. Its been two years since the Idea was formed to create an online site focused on streetwear and sneakers in the Philadelphia region. Uristocrat is still growing and we definitely are not stopping to rest on our laurels. Rather, we want to celebrate the future and invite all of our closest friends to come join us.

Ps. Its also the birthday of one of the Founders, Edwin Akrong.

So on June 12, 2009 be at PandaBar (formerly Marbar) at 40th and Walnut and Celebrate with us. DJ Rtodaizza will be the DJ. RSVP on Facebook here…

Adidas Originals By Originals Kazuki ZXZ Felt | Fall/Winter 2009

Adidas Originals By Originals Kazuki ZXZ Felt | Fall/Winter 2009

Adidas originals collaborations with Japanese Kazuki continues into the fall with the release of this fly, furred sneaker here, the ZXZ felt. The shoe features a  premium black leather upper with a net mid-sole blue accents and a cow fur pattern pony hair detail on the sides. A really fresh sneaker that has a clear Japanese flavor. Shoes are set to be released later on this summer.

More pics are below

F.C.R.B. Spring/Summer 2009 Backpack

fcrb-ss09-backpack-woofin-540x360 F.C.R.B. Spring/Summer 2009 Backpack

A nice backpack is coming as part of the FCRB Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. The technical bag comes in black with multicolor accents on the zippers and the straps, keeping an overall solid look. The backpack features lots of nic details all around, making it a nice alternative to other goods in the market. Look out for a release soon.

Image via Woofin Magazine.

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Gourmet “The Due” Canvas | Summer 2009 Collection

Gourmet "The Due" Canvas | Summer 2009 Collection

Gourmet is truly a shoe company making delicious gourmet sneakers, pretty much every season. We previewed some of their summer and fall models a while back and this shoe, The Due was one of the clean standouts of the collection. The shoe will be available very soon this summer at all Gourmet Retailers, in store and online. The colorways available will be natural/white and teel/white. 2 nice flavors for the summer madness.

More pics below

Supra Cruizer – Fall 2009 Collection

Supra Cruizer - Fall 2009 Collection

Supra continues to impress us with hot colorways in their popular models, as here we feature several color combinations in the low top silhouette, the Supra Cruizer. All three are part of Supra’s upcoming Fall 2009 Collection. One sports a black / purple / teal colorway, while another features a green upper with black . orange accents, and is part of the TUF series. The final version is subtle, sporting a purple / black – white color scheme. All three are slated to hit Supra retailers this upcoming Fall, and you can expect detailed pictures as their release date approaches.

Via Supra.

Mishka New Era Black Pack & Midnite Till Death 2nd Anniversary

mishka-black-pack-new-era-1-540x360 Mishka New Era Black Pack & Midnite Till Death 2nd AnniversaryNew York label Mishka has released their New Era Black Pack to the public. Consisting of black on black versions of their ever-popular Bear Mop, Death Adders, and Keep Watch fitteds, this former Mishka Store exclusive is now available at

Tonight, Friday June 12th, Mishka celebrates the 2 year anniversary of their very own Toilet Cobra’s Midnite Till Death party. The event, featuring live performances from Cerebral Ballzy and Spider Bags takes places at Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St. New York, NY.

Check out the Mishka Presents Midnite Till Death 2nd Anniversary party flyer after the jump.
Read the rest of Mishka New Era Black Pack & Midnite Till Death 2nd Anniversary

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Reebok Sir Jam Low – White / Black / Purple / Teal

Reebok Sir Jam Low - White / Black / Purple / Teal

The Sir Jam Mid has typically been seen as the more popular version of the classic silhouette, and although the low top version is not released in as many colorways, they still have a large following. Here they are shown in a vibrant color scheme, consisting of a white leather upper along with black, purple, and teal accents. They are now available at select online shops and should be hitting retailers soon. via SNS.

Asics Runovation Pack – Detailed Look

Asics Runovation Pack - Detailed Look

In this post, we take an in depth look at the Asics Runovation Pack, which features several popular models designed by Asic Europe designers Remco and Remko. Included are the Asics Gel Lyte Speed, Gel Lyte III, and GT II. Asics has combined classic colorways with modern day materials and created revamped versions of each. All six shown here sport mesh panels for ventilation, and white midsoles. Check out the detailed pictures and enjoy. Via Sneakerfreaker.

Nike Sportswear Blazer Premium Denim

Nike Sportswear Blazer Premium Denim

Nike is slated to release yet another colorway in the classic Nike Blazer model. This pair feature a premium construction, with a denim design along the upper, consisting of a blue and grey design. Finishing off the design are red and white accents, which definitely add another dimension to the shoe. No word yet as to their release date, but we’ll keep you guys notified.

Air Jordan 1 (I) Phat Low – White / White – Neutral Grey

Air Jordan 1 (I) Phat Low - White / White - Neutral Grey

We’ve repeated on numerous occasions that 2009 is the year of the Air Jordan 1 (I) model. Here we feature another colorway which has recently surfaced. They sport a low top design, along with a clean, white on white colorway constructed from a unique textured leather. The Air Jordan 1 (I) Phat Low – White/White-Neutral Grey is slated to release within the next few months, so expect detailed pictures as their release date approach.

Adidas Drop Top

Adidas Drop Top

Adidas Basketball has produced plenty of hits and continues to do so, as here we feature their newest model, the Adidas Drop Top. It consists of plenty of feature that help maximize performance, including two forefoot straps. This particular color combination consists of a black on black upper along with a clean white sole. They are slated to hit retailers on July 4, 2009 and retail for $90.

Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore High – 3 Inches Blood

Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore High - 3 Inches Blood

In one of their latest collaborations, Nike 6.0 has collided with Canadian heavy metal band 3 Inches Blood to produce this pair of Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore High, better known as the Blood Oncore High. They sport a purple / blood upper along with a dark grey sole. They are constructed from a combination of suede, leather and synthetic materials. Finishing off the shoe is the slogan 3 Inches Blood which is stitched on the back heel. Via Nike6.0.