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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Jaÿ-Z’s classic debut album, Reasonable Doubt, a few responsible for crafting the piece give their take on creating the project and what it means to them two decades later. Guests include Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Jonathan Mannion, B-High, Emory Jones, Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith, Memphis Bleek, DJ Premiere, Young Guru, Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua, DJ Clark Kent and more. Peep the trailer above and watch the 36 minute documentary in full on Tidal.

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RIP Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham

Sad news from the NY Times: legendary street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham has died today at the age of 87.

In his nearly 40 years working for The Times, Mr. Cunningham operated both as a dedicated chronicler of fashion and as an unlikely cultural anthropologist, one who used the changing dress habits of the people he photographed to chart the broader shift away from formality and toward something more diffuse and individualistic.

At the Pierre hotel on the East Side of Manhattan, he pointed his camera at tweed-wearing blue-blood New Yorkers with names like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt. Downtown, by the piers, he clicked away at crop-top wearing Voguers. Up in Harlem, he jumped off his bicycle — he rode more than 30 over the years, replacing one after another as they were wrecked or stolen — for B-boys in low-slung jeans.

I saw Cunningham out on the streets of NYC twice and both times chills ran up my back watching a master at work. Unless Cunningham had something in the can before he died, it looks as though the last of his On the Street features is about black and white fashion. Tonight might be a good time to watch the documentary Bill Cunningham New York — it’s available on Amazon (free with Prime).

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Jay Z Shares Reasonable Doubt Documentary: Watch

Today, Jay Z‘s classic album Reasonable Doubt turned 20. To celebrate, Tidal have released RD 20, a 35-minute documentary directed by Scheme Engine about Jay’s come-up, the album’s creation, and its legacy today. The documentary is split into sections named after tracks from the album: “Politics As Usual,” “Friend or Foe,” “Dead Presidents II,” and more. The documentary is mainly composed of interviews with key figures in Jay’s career and in Reasonable Doubt, discussing the album’s writing process and it’s effect on hip-hop in the last two decades. Members of Reasonable Doubt’s production team, DJ Premier, DJ Clark Kent, Ski, and other figures such as Kareem “Biggs” Burke (the co-founder of Roc-A Fella Records), the rapper Memphis Bleek, the album cover photographer Jonathan Mannion, and more were interviewed.

There’s live footage of Jay performing songs from the album with a live band in a studio and the Barclays Center also included in the documentary. In the studio performances, Vic Mensa and Jay Electronica appear as members of the audience. Watch the documentary via Tidal below. (It’s a 35-second snippet for non-subscribers; a Tidal login is required to view the entire thing.)

Revisit our interview with photographer Ari Marcopoulos who shot the cover for  Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Jay Z further showed his gratitude for Reasonable Doubt in comments he shared on his Twitter earlier today: 

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Nike Drops an Exclusive “USA Family” Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit at KITH

Few footwear silhouettes are as distinctly American as the Air Force 1 so, with the Olympics slated to kick off later this summer, it figures that Nike would drop a patriotic edition of the silhouette in celebration of the occasion. Thus, enter the Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit. Draped in a combination of “Gym Red,” white and deep royal blue, the kicks pair a Flyknit-constructed version of the AF1′s upper with a leather tongue and matching heel while an Ultra version of the original Air Force 1′s sole is finished with icy blue rubber on the outsole. Best of all, the design comes complete with custom insoles while KITH’s exclusive packaging echoes the shoe’s iridescent Swoosh and tongue branding badge.

Fans can find the kicks now — and the exclusive box and dust bags — at KITH for $170 USD while supplies last.

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Watch Kanye West’s New NSFW Music Video featuring “Naked” Celebrities—Including Donald Trump and Taylor Swift

Kanye West recently announced the Saint Pablo Tour and updated The Life of Pablo once again with the new track “Saint Pablo" but first he released a new video for "Famous" from the album.    

The video depicts not one, not two, but 12 artistic representations of naked celebrities—including Kim Kardashian (of course), Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Caitlyn Jenner—sprawled out in a massive bed with West.  The video also features George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Chris Brown, Ray J, Amber Rose and Bill Cosby. If you remember, "Famous," which came out February, is the song with the now-infamous lyric: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that bitch famous.” In the new video, she’s right next to him in the bed.

Kanye West hosted an event at the Forum in Los Angeles to unveil the video for his The Life of Pablo single “Famous.” After Kanye delayed the premiere so attending fans could buy Pablo merchandise, he ran the video twice in a row.  
Watch the video above via Tidal. (The clip is 30 seconds long unless you log in with a Tidal account.)

Kanye did not perform, but he was on hand, and he spoke about the video and its creation. “I want to thank all y’all, my wife, and y’all supporting ideas and truth. I got one question, though: Would y’all like me to play that back?” After the video premiered, Kanye, Desiigner, and Travis Scott danced in the audience to “Pt. 2.”


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Michael Jackson really hated Prince

It’s no secret Prince viewed Michael Jackson as a major rival, and there are numerous tales of him going out of his way to irk the King of Pop. A heated game of ping-pong ended with Jackson walking out of the room and Prince gloating, “Did you see that? He played like Helen Keller.” When Jackson sought to collaborate with Prince on a song called “I’m Bad”, Prince not only rejected the offer, he mockingly re-recorded the song and sent it back to MJ. When Jackson attended a Prince concert in 2006, Prince came out into the audience, walked right up to Jackson, and aggressively playing bass in his face. And the stories go on and on and on.

While the two musicians never publicly acknowledged their feud, newly surfaced audio from 1988 hears Jackson discuss his disdain for Prince. The audio, obtained by Daily Mirror, was recorded as Jackson wrote his biography Moonwalker.

“I don’t like to be compared to Prince at all,” Jackson is quoted as saying. “I have proven myself since I was real little. It’s not fair. He feels like I’m his opponent. I hope he changes because boy, he’s gonna get hurt. He’s the type that might commit suicide or something.”

“He was so rude, one of rudest people I have ever met,” Jackson reportedly added. “Prince is very competitive. He has been very mean and nasty to my family.”

Jackson also mocked a 1983 on-stage collaboration in which he and Prince backed James Brown. During the performance (which you can watch above), Prince mistook a fake stage lamp post for a real one and fell into the crowd. “He made a fool of himself. He was a joke,” Jackson said. “People were running and screaming. I was so embarrassed. It was all on video.”

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Ask Mark: What are Nootropics?

I am fan of Nootropics, because our mental performance largely determines our physical output. The body will not go where the mind doesn’t lead it, right?

First, let me explain that Nootropics is a Greek word meaning ‘Toward the mind.’ Our friend Webster defines the nootropic as a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning. And he’s right, as usual.

Essentially, Nootropics are brain boosters. They are compounds that enhance cognition. They help increase reflexes, general well being, and learning potential. Who wouldn’t want that?

What are the brain boosting benefits?

• Improved reaction
• Increased information processing
• Increased alertness
• Reduced tiredness
• Less mental fatigue
• Supports a healthy response to stress
• Increases dopamine levels
• Improves focus
• Promotes feelings of happiness
• Increases relaxation

There aren’t many supplements that promise to make you smarter. No wonder Nootropics are becoming increasingly popular at a time when people feel pressured to be even more productive with less time. Supplements that are made of nootropics come from sources like caffeine, vitamins B6 and B12. Perhaps the most familiar source is green tea, known for its antioxidant content. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea and when combined with caffeine, it can fuel the powerful combination of concentration and productivity.

Sources for Nootropics Supplements:

• Green Tea
• Fish Oil
• Resveratrol
• L-Carnitine
• Vitamin B12
• Creatine

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Healthy Habits for Summer Skin

There are a few lifestyle changes I make every year when summer starts. We all want to look and feel our best during the summer months, and my little mental checklist makes me feel at least a little more in control and prepared during swimsuit season. Here’s my list of healthy habits for summer-ready skin from head to toe.

Infrared Sauna

It’s relaxing, makes you drip sweat (and toxins!), and helps your skin glow. Need I say more? Infrared saunas also help to relax your muscles and improve circulation. Lately, after my workouts, I’ve been stopping by a little spot near my house that has one, and I’m quickly becoming addicted. My muscles aren’t as sore, my eyes and skin look healthier, I’m more relaxed, and most important, l just feel better overall.

Research has shown infrared saunas to help balance cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone. They also go a long way toward relieving tension and relaxing your muscles. Plus, the heat generated by an infrared sauna will cause your core temperature to increase, which can also lead to an increased heart rate—the same increase in heart rate that you experience when exercising. Infrared saunas can penetrate the skin more deeply, increase metabolic rate, and help the body burn anywhere from 200 to 600 calories in a half-hour session! I know…sign you up?

That’s not all: These saunas will also improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging by stimulating better circulation, blood flow, and increased collagen production—all of which improve the look and health of your skin. The last thing you’d want to do after your sauna is apply skin care products that contain the toxins you just sweated out, so thank goodness for nontoxic Drunk Elephant! The C-Firma Day Serum contains anti-aging ChronoPeptide, which transforms into vitamin D and mimics the vitamin D we get through sun exposure. Which means, you guessed it: The infrared sauna and Drunk Elephant make quite the duo when it comes to fighting the signs of aging!

Dry Brushing

When I first heard about dry brushing I was intrigued, but I just couldn’t see myself taking the time to do something like that every day. It wasn’t until my husband gave me a gift certificate for a massage on my birthday that I finally decided to go for it and buy a dry brush while I was there. The woman who sold it to me said it would take care of everything from exfoliation to cellulite reduction. It sounded a little too good to be true, so I went home and did some research. As it turns out, dry brushing is the real deal. Our skin, the largest organ, is responsible for 10 to 15 percent of detox elimination, so dry brushing gives your kidneys and liver a break by helping the skin regenerate more efficiently. It helps to smooth and tone your skin, rid your body of dead skin cells, and boost circulation. And yes, it truly does help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Suddenly, finding three minutes a day doesn’t seem like too much to ask, right? Happy brushing!

Skin Care

I use DE. What, like you’re surprised? I like to think of it as a juice cleanse for your skin. Since formulating the line, I’ve given up not just makeup, but also essential oils, fragrance, phthalates, chemical screens, and silicones. The difference is immediate, and it’s the perfect summer skin solution, because less makeup in the heat is a great thing. Plus, less to travel with!


I like alternating between indoor and outdoor workouts. I like to switch things around and surprise my body, so I’ll lift weights and go on long, fast walks as well as do the StairMaster and do exercise videos at home. I switch it up, as long as it’s something I’m doing daily. It just feels better to put on a pair of shorts when you’ve been active, and it gives you that much more confidence and energy. Not to mention the natural mood-boosting effects!

Summer Diet

I like to keep healthy options on hand, so when I get hungry, I can reach for something fast. Some go-tos include: avocado for green smoothies, pre-cooked brown rice pasta, precut fresh vegetables and fruits, cooked chicken breasts, and almond and pecan milk. I’ll also make sure I have premade green juices , so if I don’t have time to make a smoothie from scratch, I can add raw protein powder on the go. Some favorite snacks include broccoli or brussels sprouts slaw with homemade vinaigrette, chickpeas in balsamic and olive oil, dark chocolate, and a big bag of frozen papaya and strawberries. I also always make sure to have grass-fed butter! I love it, and it can go in my coffee to make it bulletproof.

I try to avoid dairy and gluten for a flatter tummy, and I always load up on probiotics for glowing skin. A healthy gut contributes to a better mood, better sleep…better everything!

All in all? Summer beauty (which for me includes looking and feeling my very best) ultimately includes some serious self-care. And who couldn’t use a little more of that?


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The Summer Of ’96: A High Point For Hip-Hop–Or The End Of The Golden Era?

Summer Of '96

There’s a bit that opens Stakes Is High, perfectly encapsulating the hand-off of hip-hop’s torch, generation to generation:

“When I first heard Criminal Minded…”

It’s the nostalgic glow of something truly monumental seeping into the light of a new day. Not necessarily replacing it, but reinforcing it. Making it whole in a way that was impossible without the appropriate context. This summer, we celebrate 20 laps around the sun for not one, two, three or four classic albums, but five. Which begs the question, what was in the water back in ’96? And was it the end of what we now consider to be the “Golden Era”?

Experts that have studied this culture and its trajectory far longer than I’ve been alive typically put hip-hop’s adolescence at a staggering 14-year-long stretch, commencing with Run DMC’s breakthrough and capping off right around the meat of Jay Z’s climb to fully-established mogul status at the turn of the century, providing an entirely new model of what was even possible for a hip-hop artist at the time. But for my money, sonically, and perhaps even culturally, the beginning of the end for what is considered to be the “Golden Era” falls on June 25th, 1996, twenty years to the day since Reasonable Doubt was released.

A week later, De La Souls junior record Stakes Is High would land and remind us just how far we’ve come since KRS-One & Scott La Rock dropped their ’87 opus. That same day, Nas released his sophomore album It Was Written, no slump in sight, though it arrived to mixed reviews. But let’s be honest here, it’s hard to stack anything up against Nasir’s debut, widely considered to be one of the single greatest albums ever assembled, regardless of genre.

It Was Written’s reception, however, speaks volumes to my point. That there is and always will be a reactionary pulse to hip-hop; one that jumps to digital when organix are getting played out, one that jumps to live drums when the MPC’s palette is getting too rigid. It’s the push and pull of all musical eras, really. It’s within these same parameters that we evaluate most bodies of music, hoping for more of the same when the prior has been good to us, pushing for something new when the well seems to be running dry.

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Do You Know About Obagi Hydrate® Luxe?

Have you ever heard of a circadian rhythm? It’s the physical, mental and behavioral changes in your body that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, such as your sleeping schedule.1 What you may not realize is that many of your skin functions also follow a circadian rhythm. While you may begin to unwind in the evening, your skin is hard at work and actually increases its renewal and metabolic functions at night.

Consider these cycles in your skin’s functions that may influence its texture, radiance, and overall appearance:2

  • Cell proliferation peaks at midnight, and is lowest at noon
  • Blood flow is 25% lower at night
  • Oil production by skin glands is higher midday at noon
  • Skin pH is more acidic during sleep

You can dream easy tonight knowing that Obagi offers a product engineered to complement your skin’s natural nightly functions. We are thrilled to have Obagi Hydrate Luxe in our family of products! Just as the name suggests, this luxuriously rich face cream is extra-moisturizing and contains ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling supple and firm. In fact, in a 2013 consumer survey, a majority of those who tried Hydrate Luxe saw improvements in the appearance of fine lines, firmness, skin texture, skin radiance, and hydration.3

Packed with many of the same great naturally derived ingredients as our Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer, like shea butter, mango butter, and avocado, Hydrate Luxe also contains additional powerful ingredients engineered to work with the chronobiology of the skin and to provide ultra-rich moisturization including:

Biomimetic peptides. A technology that complements your skin’s nightly renewal and metabolic functions to support the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin.4

Hydromanil. A key ingredient in our Hydrate Facial Moisturizer, this technologically advanced ingredient provides not only immediate moisturization, but gradual moisture delivery by retaining water in the layers of your skin and continuously releasing them for 8-hour moisture protection!5,6

You can apply Obagi Hydrate Luxe in the evening to combat skin dryness overnight, as well as any time deep moisturization is needed. 


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Pusha T Releases Limited Edition Zine & Vinyl

As announced via Twitter, DONDA has released a handful of Pusha T artist merchandise online, for a limited time. In addition to the rapper’s playing card-themed coaches jackets, hoodies and tees that dropped earlier this spring (see here), DONDA is also releasing a limited edition Darkest Before Dawn zine, with only 500 copies made worldwide. Each issue purchased comes with a physical copy of Pusha T’s King Push: Darkest Before Dawn – The Prelude album, which is also now available in vinyl for $30 USD.

You can grab the Pusha T merchandise now, while stock lasts, online.

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Nike Gives the OG Cortez the Ultra Moire Treatment

Nike Sportswear’s original Forrest Gump-approved Cortez has made a number of appearances in recent months, returning in OG 1972 form last fall before getting a chukka makeover and subsequent the Athletics West treatment earlier this month. Now the original look is getting its most modern update yet as NSW brings Ultra Moire construction to the retro low-top. The result is a sleek design that retains the old red, white and blue aesthetic while dressing it in a lightweight, perforated upper with a comfy sole to match.

Finished with subtle reflective accents, the Cortez Ultra Moire is due out later this summer.

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Gucci Mane Announces ‘Everybody Looking’ Album

After an early and highly-anticipated release from prison, Gucci Mane has officially announced a date for his new album titled Everybody Looking, along with the artwork via Instagram. Possibly the fastest project turnaround from an artist after being set free from prison, this is comedically no surprise if you’re a follower of Gucci Mane who dropped the Mike-Will Made It-produced single “First Day out Tha Feds” moments after his release, followed by “All My Children.” Be on the lookout for the album starting July 22.

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A Closer Look at the Nike Zoom Kobe Icon in “Metallic Silver”

The Kobe legacy lives on with his latest colorway of the Nike Zoom Kobe Icon in Metallic Silver. The premium basketball shoe showcases a roster of technical features including a lightweight breathable upper, high performance Zoom cushioning, extra heel support and an ankle countering system for controlled steps. Branding stretches across the toe to the side panels while the look is finessed with zip-hidden laces. The new colorway is available now for €179.95 (approximately $200 USD) at Afew store

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Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA” // Another Look

LeBron James is taking the Olympics off this summer, and we can’t really blame him. Riding high off his third championship, the Akron product has laced ’em up for the red, white and blue each and every opportunity over the course of his career. Still, the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA” could pop up on the hardwood in Rio.

Based in blue, white branding, top strap and outsole provide contrast with hits of red scoring the progressive silo. Release details are unknown at this time, but the recent run of Soldier 10s suggests soon. Keep it locked.

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "USA"

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 “USA”

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