An NBA Legend Turned Down 10 Percent of Nike for $100,000


NBA legend Spencer Haywood has a championship ring, an Olympic gold medal, and was recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Early in his career, the former NBA All-Star also landed an endorsement deal with then-struggling sportswear brand Nike. That opportunity, however, was unfortunately one that Haywood didn’t conquer with the same level of success.

In the early ’70s, Haywood was approached by Nike to promote its products in exchange for 10% ownership of the company. Instead, the fast-rising star for the Seattle Supersonics chose to take a one-time cash guarantee of $100,000. As Haywood explains in a recent profile by Click on Detroit, he was convinced to take the quick payout by his agent at the time, who wanted to go for the lump sum to ensure he got his commission. Needless to say, the choice ended up being a very costly mistake. Had Haywood opted to accept Nike’s original offer and held on to the ownership stake, today his holdings in the company would be worth a whopping $8.62 billion. That one’s gotta sting.

Hit the jump to check out Haywood in a vintage Nike ad from 1973. According to the five-time NBA All-Star, he did the ad for free.











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TIDAL Makes Charitable Donation to Black Lives Matter

Jay Z’s faltering music streaming service TIDAL has donated $1.5 million USD to social justice organisations including Black Lives Matter, according to reports. Donated through the New World Foundation, the donation will be shared amongst Opportunity Agenda, Hands Up United, Sankofa.Org, Community Coalition, Dream Defenders, Black Youth Project, Baltimore Justice Fund, Empowerment Development Corporation, Million Hoodies, NY Justice League and Ohio Students Association/Organizing Collaborative. Donations will also be made to those fighting police brutality, in cases such as that of Trayvon Martin, Michael O.D Brown and Oscar Grant.

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Adele Reveals Amazing “When We Were Young” Single Cover

Adele Reveals Amazing "When We Were Young" Single Cover

Adele‘s new single "When We Were Young" is out today. XL have unveiled its awesome cover art, which you can check out above. The single was co-written with Tobias Jesso Jr. & produced by Ariel Rechtshaid. And unlike the album tracks, it’s available on streaming services.

Read "Adele’s Confidence and Damon Albarn’s Mistake" at The Pitch.

Watch her perform the track on "SNL":

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Uncrate Teams Up with Leatherhead for a Bison Football

Fresh off its collaborative boots alongside Oak Street, Uncrate is back with another premium bison leather design: a football. Arriving just in time for Super Bowl 50, the Leatherhead-crafted collab features a premium take on your prototypical pigskin, opting instead for Tasman black shrunken bison leather construction that boasts both ample texture and a uniquely supple surface that will age with use.
American-made, the limited edition piece is available now directly from Leatherhead while supplies last.

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Penfield 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

For Spring/Summer 2016, Penfield presents a collection that combines its classic outdoor aesthetic with a stylish, contemporary edge. Drawing from its rich New England heritage, the American brand’s latest range showcases modern twists and sporty, technical design elements, along with doses of bold, bright colors and patterns for the coming season. Among the highlights are a typically strong collection of outerwear — including coach jackets, anoraks and packable windbreakers — logo crewnecks, printed shirting, tailored sweats and washed denim, all of which transition easily from wilderness settings to the concrete jungle. Take a first look at the latest from Penfield here and find the outdoor-ready collection now at HBX.

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Listen to Flatbush Zombies’ New Song “Bounce”

Listen to Flatbush Zombies' New Song "Bounce"

Last month, Flatbush Zombies announced their debut album 3001: A Laced Odyssey, which is out March 11 via Glorious Dead. They’ve now shared the first song from the album. Listen to "Bounce" and check out the 3001 album artwork above.

Flatbush Zombies recently shared "Glorious Thugs," a tribute to Notorious B.I.G. and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s "Notorious Thugs." That song will not appear on 3001.

In March, Flatbush Zombies will embark on a tour behind their new album.

Watch Flatbush Zombies on’s "Selector":

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OVO Goes Polo Ralph Lauren For Spring 2016

Drake’s increasingly popular OVO merch line presents a strong new installation for Spring 2016. The collection continues to be heavily comprised of Canadian-made sweats and casual attire, however, this latest drop marks a slightly more adventurous direction for the young label. The drop plays with collegiate typography, color-blocking and introduces a number of silhouettes that are […]

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This App Lets You Fly Unlimited Flights for a Flat Monthly Fee

Love flying? Hate fluctuating air fares? Travel for business constantly or have tons of free time on your hands? There’s lots of reasons to download and sign up to OneGo — a new subscription-based air flight program. The app will allow users to fly an unlimited amount of flights domestically for set monthly fees ranging from $1,500 USD to $2,950 USD, on many major carriers. This means you could theoretically fly every day of the month, round trip, and each fare would be less than $100 USD. While the service currently is limited to economy seats only and is restricted to the continental United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii) with reservation limits, this new fee-based system could open up the floodgates to more services that could incorporate business/first class, international flights, luggage allowances, cancellations and much more. Check out OneGo’s official website if you’re interested and have safe flights.

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The Science of Sleep: learned form the NFL

When the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos take to the gridiron on Sunday for Super Bowl 50, that accomplishment alone will have been more than a sum of passing yards and field goal accuracy. The season itself is a war of attrition. Staying on the active roster is a 24-hour-a-day undertaking involving workouts, sleep and nutrition. Today in our three-part series, we’re sleeping it off.

Regeneration takes a lot of forms these days: cryotherapy, anti-inflammatory foods andrecovery-focused workouts. For too long, sleep, our daily recovery ritual, was overlooked by professional sports teams. “We pay so much attention to things like nutrition, stretching and athletic performance, but when athletes leave the training center and go home at night, we ignore them until they come back the next morning,” says W. Christopher Winter, MD, a neurologist and sleep specialist based in Charlottesville, Virginia. He’s been the go-to sleep guy for dozens of baseball, basketball, hockey and football teams, and now works with the Baltimore Ravens.

More sleep is not always an easy sell. “There’s still a sleep martyr mentality among some of the older coaches who think if you’re sleeping, you’re not working that hard,” Winter says. “We need to create a culture where players can talk to their trainers if they’re not sleeping well and it’s treated like a hurt ankle.”

Some of the expertise he provides is fairly basic. For instance, drinking a six-pack before bed or staying up all night playing video games is bad for sleep. But then things get fun. For instance, circadian rhythm changes as a person ages. Compared with their rookie counterparts who peak later in the evening, older people’s energy peaks in the afternoon or early evening. “Cam Newton is very young, Peyton Manning is super old,” Winter says. “If I were working with Manning, I’d want to determine Peyton’s rhythm and use the two weeks prior to the game to get him read for the later timing. That and the longer timing–the game is usually longer than a typical NFL game–as well as the new time zone. That’s when you can use things such as lighting or exercise to help adjust his circadian sweet spot.”

And it’s not just first-string quarterbacks who need to take this seriously. “There are guys who come into the league from college, abusing their bodies and staying up all night,” Winter says. “If you don’t get your nutrition and sleep together, you’ll be a guy who comes and goes and no one remembers you.”

Winter has advice for us amateurs, too: Just as he recommends teams hold practices and scrimmages during the same time of day they play games, people should train at advantageous times. For instance, if you’re training for a triathlon and race start is 6 a.m., don’t schedule all your swims after work. Like a team on the road, time zones can mess up your sleep and performance. Figure it’ll take you 24 hours to adjust to every time zone you cross. A few days before travel, start adjusting your bed- and wake-up time to your destination to blunt the effects of jet lag. And if your age is closer to Peyton Manning’s than Cam Newton, schedule big meetings earlier in the day, when you’re at your best.

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